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Line Dances By Bill Bader
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To help you narrow down the selections from this long list, here is a list of the most popular line dances by level.
Top 10 Most Popular Beginner Dances
   Boot Scootin' Boogie
   Canadian Stroll
   College Hustle
   Cowgirls Twist
   E.M.S. (Easy Mustang Sally)
   Little Ship
   Mama Knows Best
   Minute Waltz
   Something Easy
   Step Back
Top 10 Most Popular Intermediate & Advanced Dances
  All My Heart
  Close Encounters (contra)
  Hot Pepper
  Louisiana Kick
  Mama Jazz
  Singapore Swing
  Southern Cross Cha Cha

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2001 - The BC Coaster      Word doc
This was voted "Dance Of The Year" in this area in 1997, and placed second in the same poll in 1998. The dance never disappeared and we still see it in Australia, Singapore, South Africa, etc.
Click here for a
YouTube video of
2001 - The BC Coaster

Click here for a
YouTube video of
2001 - The BC Coaster


A Mind Of Its Own      Word doc
This lower level dance encourages nice flowing movements rather than just stepping out the steps. Like "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" , this is done to a Connie Francis song. (If you like music of the 50's, 60's and 70's, visit Dancin' To the Oldies .)

Across The Sea (a.k.a. Sea Sick)      Word doc
Choreographed with my good friend Jan Wyllie, one of Australia's leading choreographers, to a wonderful song by George Strait & Jimmy Buffett.

All My Heart      Word doc
MY FAVORITE DANCE - I urge you to try this one because some of my fellow choreographers mention All My Heart as one of the very best line dances. All My Heart has a strong rhythmic and emotional connection to the music... slow, smooth and dreamy to match the song "Like We Never Had A Broken Heart".

YouTube video of dancing
All My Heart

The graceful arm movements shown by these dancers definitely enhance this dance.
YouTube video of
All My Heart


Blacktop Boogie     Word doc
Please look at VEGAS BOOGIE (below) before deciding which one you like best.  They are basically the same dance.
This one is slightly more challenging because it's a 'pattern dance' with a special sequence of sections.

Bones      Word doc
Done to "Hambone" by country legend Carl Perkins, this dance will appeal to intermediate dancers who like a really fun dance with quick footwork.  If you need a slower option, try Tanya Tucker's "Strong Enough to Bend".
BILL'S YouTube video of
BONES line dance


Boot Scootin' Boogie      Word doc
This is often called Vancouver Boogie or spelled Bootscoot Boogie (in Australia) and other spelling variations.  I have also heard it referred to as Calgary Boogie, Montreal Shuffle, and Philadelphia Special.
     This was my first line dance -- imagine my amazement that it went worldwide.  As far as anyone has been able to tell, it was the first dance of many with this name.  I choreographed it before Brooks & Dunn ever met. In 1989 Asleep At The Wheel first recorded the song by then songwriter Ronnie Dunn. I choreographed it in 1990 and it's still around, being danced today in such varied countries as Finland and Australia, where every linedancer learns it.  "Boot Scootin' Boogie" was used to set 6 consecutive Guinness World Records for the WORLD'S LARGEST LINE DANCE in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000; and in 2001 in Tamworth, Australia, each year with more dancers. In 2001 there were 6,698 participants!
And this was my first dance to reach 1 million views on YouTube. (Cowgirls Twist has also joined the Million views club.)
Click here for YouTube a
Video of
Boot Scootin Boogie

This has 2 million+ views!
Click here for a
Complete Lesson of
Boot Scootin Boogie


Here's another video lesson I couldn't resist adding (You'll see why):
Adria's lesson and dancing

Bright Side of the Road      Word doc
(a.k.a. Longneck Bottle depending on music choice)
A fun dance for beginners who want a taste of fast-tempo dances.

Bump And Grind     Word doc
This is a fun way to "bump n grind' as much as you like!  Remember "Tush Push contests"? 
Try a Bump And Grind contest! Fun to watch and fun to do.

Canadian Stroll      Word doc
 This is a dance you can use in your very first class.   It's short - just 16 counts - slow, and has only one easy turn. Maybe that's why it is listed every month on the monthly instructors' survey of popular line dances taught.
YouTube video of
Canadian Stroll

YouTube video (in French) of
Canadian Stroll


Chill      Word doc
This dance will remind you of the R&B dance routines of The Temptations.  It's a little tricky, so make sure your
dancers are up for a challenge.

Close Encounters     Word doc
CONTRA DANCE WINNER!. This dance was awarded 1st place in competition at the popular Golden Gate Classic dance festival.  I was as hired to do the choreography for Sting's video of "I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Cryin'".  This dance was the result, but that song is killer slow, so I'm sure you will find that "Move It On Over" or "No News" are much more fun to use for this dance.
YouTube video of dancing
Close Encounters

YouTube video of dancing
Close Encounters


College Hustle      Word doc
NOVICES LOVE THIS ONE.  Try this dance with people who have never seen line dancing before.  It's so easy and so much fun! It's also perfect for teaching outdoors on grass.

Commitments To Love      Word doc
This is danced to a bluesy swing song by the Commitments.  The dance has a long and challenging pattern featuring many types of toe moves.

Cowgirls Twist  (a.k.a. Cowgirl Twist)     Word doc

GUARANTEED "WINNER"!!!   Cowgirls Twist is one of the world's most popular line dances. Testament to that is the huge number of videos on YouTube. I lost track after counting 95 videos (checking both Cowgirl Twist and Cowgirls Twist). They have, in total, over 1 million views.
 The reason it is so popular is that anyone can learn it quickly and it shows beginners how much fun line dancing can be.
  The song "What The Cowgirls Do" by Vince Gill gave this dance its "Cowgirls" name, but everyone has their own favorite song they use for this dance.  Try Scooter Lee's "Twistin' The Night Away", or "Do You Love Me" by The Contours or "Mambo No.5".
Lisa Kruse does a great job of teaching Cowgirls Twist in the video at right.
YouTube video of
Lisa Kruse teaching

Cowgirls Twist

YouTube video of
Cowgirls Twist
danced to "What the Cowgirls Do"

NEW VIDEO Nov.2018:
danced to "Do You Love Me"

DEMO (from South Korea)

There is a counted walk-thru at the end.

(The) Diamond     Word doc
This is an early dance of mine and I'm sure "The Diamond" was the very first line dance to use a diamond shape pattern in a waltz.  It is meant for faster waltz songs in the range of 120-150 bpm. BTW: The video is kind of a relic of a bygone era. It dates from 1994.
BILL'S YouTube video of
The Diamond


Dig The Groove     Word doc
This is a totally unique dance, a love it or hate it. The song "Super Duper Love" is what I call a "slow groove", so that's the reason for the title. I hope you 'dig' it, but I know it won't appeal to country fans.

Dream Walk      Word doc
Dream Walk is designed for your favorite slow songs.  I like "All I Have To Do Is Dream" by The Everly Brothers, but a word of caution:  The Everly Brothers released different versions of this song.  Avoid the one that is killer slow.

E. M. S.      Word doc         
E.M.S. stands for Easy Mustang Sally.  This is a super easy dance for beginners
and they can have fun dancing to the song "Mustang Sally".

video of E.M.S.
video of E.M.S. with CUEING

Everybody's Somebody's Fool      Word doc

Not at all tricky, this beginner dance is for the terrific Connie Francis hit from the 50's, "Everybody's Somebody's Fool".  You can also try it to the upbeat Cajun Country song "We're Here to Stay" by Jo-el Sonnier on the same album as the song "Polk Salad Annie" for an advanced dance of mine, My Annie.
YouTube video of
Everybody's Somebody's Fool

Evil Weevil      Word doc
Tricky!  I don't push this dance because only a few of my intermediate dancers were able to master the evil swivels and turns.  But if you are up for a challenge...

Faith      Word doc
Inspired by George Michael's song "Faith", this is a low intermediate dance.  I'm sad this one sort of fell between the cracks and I didn't teach it at any big events.  If you don't like the tag (necessary because of the pause in the song "Faith"), try this dance to "Sweet Little Shoe" by Dan Seals.

Flowers      Word doc
The full original title is Flowers (By Any Other Name).  It is specifically choreographed to "Flowers on the Wall" by Eric Heatherly and it requires patterning (a specific sequencing of sections of the dance pattern).  But if you learn my dance "Sweet Smile" first, this dance will be very easy... Sweet Smile is the basic 32 counts of this dance.

Forever Dance      Word doc
I really like this dance and I encourage you to give it a shot.  It is Intermediate level because of the paddle turns, but the slow tempo gives good beginners a good chance at it.  There is an easy restart.  We accidently found out it goes really well to the song "Just A Little" by Liberty X and a lot of instructors have that music because of the dance S.X.E.  Or try it to a Latin song like "Loaded" for a totally different feel.

Gimme That Rhythm     Word doc
It's a fun and fast little Intermediate dance to a great song by The Borderers (see Mama Jazz/ Mama Knows Best below).
This dance proved very popular in California and Washington where it was taught recently.

video of Gimme That Rhythm

Give It A Whirl     Word doc
Intermediate fun.  The big "whirl" stays right where it should be with the insertion of an easy 2-count tag.  My Aussie friend Rosalie Mackay co-choreographed this with me. Hear the music at this link:

Home on the Range     Word doc
Voted Vancouver's "Line Dance of the Year" and won me the top Western Canadian choreography award at the ODAA's.  Suzy Bogguss' wonderful version of "I Wanna Be A Cowboy Sweetheart" is perfect, as is "On My Radio" by the Woolpackers (easy to find in the UK).

Hot Pepper     Word doc
This rousing dance with quick footwork features an elevated heel click (a "bell kick"), although a scuff-scoot-step works too.  This was choreographed to Jimmy Buffett's "Pascagoula Run" but also try it with "Puttin' On The Ritz" by Taco.  "You're The One That I Want" from the musical Grease is the fastest song so of course that's the one that is popular in Australia even though that song requires a sequence of tags.  Choose "Pascagoula Run" if you do not want to deal with tags.
BILL'S YouTube video of
Hot Pepper


I Can Do It     Word doc
Try these unique jazz boxes.  And you can have a lot of fun with those hip bumps!  I have had some feedback that this makes a great performance dance.

I Only Want To Be With You     Word doc
I love Dusty Springfield!  This Dusty Springfield classic inspired this unique upper beginner dance. It features "skate" combinations. There are no syncopations in the dance.
BILL'S YouTube video of
I Only Want To Be With You


I'm With You     Word doc
Yvonne Anderson and I co-choreographed this intermediate dance.  This one did not take off.

Imagination     Word doc
I choreographed it to "I've Got To Use My Imagination" and, if I do say so myself, it is an 'imaginative' dance with a very original beginning.  And it works with energetic country songs too!

Jambalaya Joe    Word doc
Calorie burner!  This 32-count, 4-wall line dance can take as little as 5 minutes to teach an experienced group. My song choice is "Jambalaya on the Bayou" by Eddy Raven & Joel Sonnier.  There are many versions of the song, many recorded at different tempos.  I recommend the 127 bpm version on the 1996 cd "Cooking Cajun" from K-Tel.

Jump In      Word doc
This 80-count dance has been alive and well in Australia and New Zealand for many years.  I used the lyrics to help choreograph the moves, so you will find the "Movin' and groovin'" and "Jumpin' and stompin'" hit the words every time.   As it happens, the dance is also perfect for "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters!  That song was released on Line Dance Fever 13.

Kick Start     Word doc
Fun syncopations in a beginner-level dance. Probably the first dance ever choreographed to a Shania Twain song. Hardly any one, even in Canada, knew how to pronounce her first name when I found this song on her first album.

L.D.C. Express      Word doc
The full original name is "Line Dance Country Express". 'Express' is the key word here, because the faster it is danced, the better! It is for instructors who like to choose edgy dances and dancers who like a challenge. It has been used multiple times as an advanced championships dance.
BILL'S YouTube video of
LDC Express


Little Ship      Word doc

This dance is designed for everyone who likes rumbas (like "Memory", "Smokey Places", etc.)  I choreographed it by request... a commission from CLDAS (Singapore) for their 5th anniversary party.  The song, off a recently discontinued CD, is otherwise unavailable, so here is a sample.  If you find you can buy it somewhere, please let me know. On the step sheet I offer other good song options.
BILL'S YouTube video of
Little Ship


Little Squirt     Word doc

The original song I choreographed this quick little dance to was "Little Miss Honky Tonk", but also consider "Hey Bartender" by Johnny Lee or "C-O-U-N-T-R-Y" (Tritt) which really connects well with the footwork.  Or, for a completely different experience, choose a funky slow song.
Click here for a YouTube
video of Little Squirt

Long Live Love      Word doc
This is a one-wall intermediate dance with a double-sweeping full turn, a "Tops Turn". The choreography is done entirely with "L" shapes inspired by the song title and is carried through even to the dance name. Even the suggested arms (Carmen Miranda-style) are in the shape of an "L".

Longneck Bottle - See Bright Side Of The Road

Louisiana Kick      Word doc .
Mel McDaniel's "Louisiana Saturday Night" is a great song and I tried to work the feel of the energetic song into the moves.  You will find long weaves, kicks and claps.
Click here for a YouTube
video of Louisiana Kick

Make It Snappy      Word doc
I choreographed this dance for total novices and I have successfully taught it at private parties to people who have never even seen line dancing before. They felt a great sense of accomplishment and that's what it's all about. I suggest keeping the music very slow, using "Snap Your Fingers", but advanced beginners will have more fun with a faster song.

Mama Jazz      Word doc
INTERMEDIATE FAVORITE. "Mama Knows Best" (below) is another dance to the same song but for beginners because this song struck me as the most fun of any one I've ever worked with. This is dance has remained of my favorites. I was able to play with the lyrics of this entertaining song. For extra fun, be sure to shout "Get Off That Phone!" when you reach those words in the lyrics.
BILL'S YouTube video of
Mama Jazz


Mama Knows Best      Word doc
When I was working with The Borderer's song "Mama Knew Best", I came up with two dances: Mama Jazz (intermediate level)), and this beginner-level dance.  It just materialized in no time at all! Mama Knows Best features Charleston kicks in keeping with the jazzy music.  I love hearing that seniors are enjoying this active and fun dance.  It's a good linedance for dancercise.
YouTube video of
Mama Knows Best

Million $ Cowboy 2000     Word doc
Ronnie Beard asked me to create a dance to this song after he re-did it specially for us linedancers as a perfectly phrased song.  How's that for great support from a singer?.  So be sure to get the version with "2000" in the title.  You can order Ronnie Beard's CD here

Minute Waltz       Word doc
Minute Waltz (no relation to Chopin's music) is a beginner waltz with a flowing pattern.  I called it that because I knew my intermediate class would learn it in a minute.  It has a unique 3/4 turn near the end. I would teach this to beginners, but not until they managed a good number of other beginner dances.  It could be the first waltz line dance they learn.  If you think you dancers will not enjoy the full spin, it is easily left out.  This line dance is a very popular in Europe.  It is often used in competitions.
YouTube video of
Minute Waltz

YouTube video of
Minute Waltz

Moon Time     Word doc
This dance is a good way to introduce to beginners to kick-ball-changes. Try the slower suggested song, "Blue Kentucky Girl" by Emmylou Harris, one of my all-time favorite country songs.

More Where That Came From     Word doc
Rick Tippe invited me to choreograph a dance to this song from his popular album, "Shiver 'n' Shake". Do not let the 128 counts scare you off; the dance isn't very scary at all... everything repeats, so the dance takes no longer to teach than a 64-count dance.

My Annie     Word doc
The Joel Sonnier song "Polk Salad Annie" was the inspiration for this energetic dance. Line Dance Fever CD's have offered 2 other songs recommending this popular dance. But it is not for beginners with its fast and tricky footwork!. Watch out for errant step sheets of this dance that are still floating around.

Neutron Dance       Word doc
 If you like fast footwork, I think you will like this one.  I choreographed this line dance to the Pointer Sisters' mega hit "Neutron Dance".  But I also love to dance this to the Bekka and Billy song "Old Hickory Lake" which is a great country option and even a little faster.
BILL'S YouTube video of
Neutron Dance


No Trippin       Word doc
Have you always been afraid of applejacks? This is designed to introduce Applejacks and some other not-so-common moves. It's a challenge for experienced dancers and it's meant to be funky with a hip-hop feel. Check the country song and non-county song names and you will see where I got the dance name.

Not Going Home    Word doc
The Borderers commissioned this dance and were kind enough to have me in mind when they wrote the song. It's such a fun song that it was easy to choreograph a fun dance to it. Grant Gadbois volunteered to help me choreograph it and his energy is apparent in the choreography. The dance is shown as easy intermediate, but except for the monterey turns, it is a fast beginner dance, so if you want to teach it to advanced beginners, simply change the montereys to side touches.

Open Up     Word doc - a Latin-styled dance with interesting moves and rhythms, choreographed to "Abriendo Puertas", meaning "opening doors". This samba is by Gloriana on the Mucho Mambo various artists collection. (Sorry, you cannot use the Gloria Estefan version of the song - it just doesn't work.)  This dance has the simplest tag ever... simply hold for 2 counts.  If you want to avoid dealing with a tag, use the country song "The Whispering Wind" by Mandy Barnett for a flowing, slower feel.

Ophelia     Word doc
Ophelia was among the most successful of the early  (1994) "funky" line dances, and it is still going strong in various regions, spread around the world, as it was, from having been chosen for so many different dance competitions.  It has been chosen for UCWDC Worlds competition, the CWLDA International Grand Championships, and many different CWDI competitions, both regional and international. I encourage you to try it to "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" but many, especially seniors, seem to prefer the original slower song "Ophelia" by Vince Gill.

Rainbow Rhythm     Word doc
Rainbow Rhythm is a fast intermediate dance suitable for two-step music with an original sequence of claps that give the dance its name. Usually a dance comes AFTER a song, but, flipping the script, Dave Sheriff wrote the song "Rainbow Rhythm" after he saw us dancing this dance!

Rip    Word doc
Paul Simon's Greatest Hits collection includes the song I choreographed this dance to, "You Can Call Me Al".  The dance is aerobic and fun, and quite unique.  The side-scooting section is a particular favorite.  In some regions, this was nicknamed "Vancouver Rip".

Roll Back      Word doc
Scooter Lee asked me to create this dance for her song "Roll Back The Rug".   Jo Thompson did the video of it. Great job, Jo!
 You can order Scooter Lee's songs at

YouTube video of
Jo Thompson teaching
Roll Back"


Santa C Boogie     Word doc - Santa Clara, Santa Catalina, Santa Cruz?  It's NOT just for Christmas time, but this was choreographed to The Tractors "Santa Clause Boogie".  Whatever song is used, the dance is quite easy-to-learn, just 32 counts.

Sh-Boom     Word doc
Choreographed to a great oldie from the 1950's,
"Sh-Boom" by The Crew Cuts. Be careful because there are two versions of the song and one doesn't measure up. Please make sure you have the version by The Crew Cuts, not The Chords.
Twice during the song the music fades momentarily and we dance through the breaks, keeping the tempo.
This dance has been a hit in both the US and the UK.
It is possible to teach it to advanced beginners, but I would class it as easy intermediate because of the syncopations. BTW: It makes a great performance dance as you can see in the second video here.
YouTube video of
Jim Ray teaching

YouTube video of


(The) Shake (a.k.a. Shake Down, Rattle & Roll)      Word doc
There are lots of videos of this dance from a lot of different regions. "The Shake" is easy but lots of fun. It is done to one song, "The Shake" by Neil McCoy.  Get into those shimmies and don't hold back!
YouTube video of
The Shake

YouTube video of
The Shake


Show Me The Money      Word doc
This requires a most unusual count-in of "5-6-7-8-9-10"! I found this song (along with the song for "Dig The Groove") on as a FREE and legal music download.  It grabbed my attention immediately as something totally different and fun... a high energy polka.  This dance has one restart.

Singapore Swing      Word doc
WORLD RECORD WINNER!  Choreographed to Clint Black's old-time country swing song, "You Walked By", it features Monterey 1/4 turns.  I introduced it at my workshops in Singapore in 2001. The following year (May 1, 2002) this dance was used in Singapore using the song "Rasa Sayang E" to set the Guinness World Record for the LARGEST LINE DANCE with 11,967 dancers officially counted.  There are maybe 500 dancers in the video at right. Imagine a group of 22 times larger all under one roof -- it was thrilling!  For more information on World Records by line dancers click here or click here to go directly to the video of the World Record, which includes many clips of this dance.

YouTube video of
Singapore Swing


YouTube video of a very large group dancing
Singapore Swing

Slap City      Word doc
Old style fun dance, a quick 32 counts.  And, of course, slaps! This dance achieved 'big hit' status in Europe.
Click here for a YouTube
video of Slap City

Something Easy      Word doc
BEGINNER 'WINNER'!  This title says it all.  I was (and still am) responding to those numerous requests for more dances that are easy and fun.  I think you will enjoy this one!
YouTube video of

Something Easy


South Coast Swing      Word doc
West Coast Swing was the inspiration for this line dance which is also designed to be done "in a slot" like the couples dance.

Southern Cross Cha Cha      Word doc
INTERMEDIATE WINNER!  A new song suggestion, "It's Alright" by Trisha Yearwood has revitalized interest in this classic dance. Originally inspired by Jimmy Buffett's song "Boomerang Love", the dance has a theme of forward and return movements (like a boomerang). It ends with a true "4 corner cha cha", unlike the dance called "4 Corner Cha Cha". This dance has "legs", meaning once learned it is often requested for years afterward, a keeper.
BILL'S YouTube video of
Southern Cross Cha Cha

YouTube video of
Southern Cross
Cha Cha

Southland Waltz      Word doc
This line dance contains many of my favorite waltz moves. Check out the PARTNER DANCE OPTION on page 2 of the script.

Step Back      Word doc
BEGINNER FUN!  I really enjoy the challenge of creating an easy dance that is lots of fun. For beginners, the turns are made very easy with the hitches ACROSS the knee telling dancers which way to turn. This dance works with very fast songs!
You know how you sometimes blank on how a dance starts? With this one, the name of the dance tell you how to start it!
YouTube video of
Step Back


YouTube video of
Aimee Haire teaching
Step Back

DEMOS 2 & 3 because...

Seniors dancing "Step Back"

Gotta love active seniors! Dancing is how we stay young!

"Step Back" danced to "Hold Your Horses"
arrow right   I love this video because it shows high school kids really enjoying line dancing.

Still The One     Word doc - Canadian singer Jeanette O'Keeffe commissioned this dance for her first single release.  It has become a "keeper" in many regions. International surveys mentioned it among the world's best known line dances, and some of my students insisted I revive this dance every few years. Recommended!

Sugar Dip      Word doc
Even though this is a very easy dance, the choreography encourages dancers to move like experienced dancers instead of simply "stepping" through the dance.  I highly recommend this one for novices at private parties or conventions.

Sunny Guy      Word doc
A very easy dance to "My Guy" or "Sunshine And Summertime".  It is a good dance to introduce novice dancers to triples because the triples start as bumps and then progress to shuffles. This line dance has a "tight" pattern; that is, it does not cover much area, so there will be no problem if you have a small dance floor, or a crowded dance floor.

Sweet Smile      Word doc
The Dean Brothers (UK) asked me to choreograph a dance to one of the songs on their latest album "Stuck On You" (released in 2000). I chose the upbeat song, "When My Little Girl Is Smiling".  This is a super-easy dance.  If you can't get hold of the Dean Brother's album, try this dance to "Sweet Sweet Smile" by the Carpenters.  Be sure to use my current step description for this because I had a change of mind about the choreography and it is now different from the original version of the dance (sort of like when a movie has a "director's cut").

That Old Swing      Word doc
The choreography plays with the word "swing". Even though this dance has a tag, local dancers ranked it among their top favorites for years. (Hey, any dance that remains very popular for more than a year is worth mentioning, right?)

Three Quarter Cha Cha      Word doc
A "social" or "colloquial" cha cha (country style, not Latin), this is suitable for upper beginners and will help get them over the fear of turning.

Thump Therapy     Word doc
"Boogie till the cows come home" with this fast, challenging and original dance.  This one takes time to learn because it's loaded with unique moves, but I guarantee smiles all around when it is mastered!

Thunderbolt     Word doc
Thunderbolt was an early 'standard' (classic dance) and is still seen danced in various parts of the world. Thunderbolt is a crowd-pleaser with quick and fun footwork to "Lovin' All Night" by Rodney Crowell or "Liza Jane" by Vince Gill.    See if you can find the shape of a thunderbolt (lightning) in the pattern. ("Thunder claps" are there too!)
VARIATIONS: The video provided teaches the first sections with 4 vines, but the original choreography is Side-Together-Side 4 times.
Dancing this in Australia add 4 moves making it a 64-count dance (see my step sheet). In retrospect, that makes sense, but when I choreographed it I made it 60 counts because most songs of this tempo range were not (and still are not) perfectly phrased.
YouTube video of
Jim Drew teaching


See note at left.

Tops      Word doc
Like the name says, you'll find yourself spinning like a top. (I also used the "Tops Turn" in Long Live Love.)  A group of us at in my class at The Lotus created this dance.  Stand warned about the last few very tricky steps.

Tumbleweed 2      Word doc file
If you like bluesy swing music and like the feel of the moves that match it, this intermediate dance is for you.  The signature song is "Tumbleweed" from the fabulous "Swingin' The Blues" collection.  This was one of the first line dances to be picked up by instructors at events where I taught it. The dance has a challenging pattern with short walls, etc., but you can avoid those "special events" by dancing it to "If It Will, It Will" by Hank Williams Jr.
YouTube video of
"Tumbleweed 2"


Two Minute Waltz      Word doc
In 2004 while I was in Australia, Jan Wyllie and I decided to do an extension of MINUTE WALTZ (see above), using it's 24 counts and adding 24 more.  This is the result.  Try it to the beautiful song "What If I Say Goodbye" by Vince Gill.

Vancouver Boogie - see Boot Scootin' Boogie

Vegas Boogie       Word doc file
Vegas Boogie is basically the same dance as BLACKTOP BOOGIE (listed above).  This one slightly easier, even though this one has a tag.  The choice might come down to which song you prefer.  If you are "in The Mood" for this one, you will find that it feels like 1930s-40s swing dancing (with a twist).

West Point Grey Blues     Word doc
At the end of a 10 week Beginner Class, I suggested to the students that if they would tell me their favorite parts from the dances they learned, we could put together a dance.  They loved the idea and I think we came up with a cute little dance. It has a move like bowling.  Why bowling?  The class insisted on including it because this was at the West Point Grey Lawn Bowling Club.

Whirl-Y-Reel      Word doc
Linedancer Magazine's "Dance of the Year" nominee (2000), this dance became one of the world's best known line dances of 2001, -02, and -03.  The song "Whirl-Y-Reel I (Beard & Sandals Mix)" is by Afro-Celt Sound System but do not use their album version. You will find the music on Line Dance Fever 11. The dance has a special sequence because the choreography is designed to connect with the various musical themes that appear in the song.
YouTube video
showing the line dance

Whoosh      Word doc file
Energetic line dance to an terrific and unique song from South Africa with an infectious beat. You don't have to go to Africa now to buy the CD. Jan Wyllie has it on her CD "Dancing with Jan and Bill". Click here to order the CD.

(The) Wine Dance      Word doc
This is a cool, refreshing swing dance. This dance was a popular 'floor filler' for years, and it's appeal is not likely to age.  Try The Fantastic Shakers' song: "Too Much Drink" as well as the original inspiration, "Wine, Women And Song".

Winter Wonder Walk     Word doc
I choreographed this very easy beginner line dance to my favorite Christmas song, "Winter Wonderland". I do not claim this as my original choreography; it is an adaptation of the old classic dance "All My Exes", simplified a bit and shortened.

Wonderfully Crazy      Word doc
This dance is mostly the choreography of Grant Gadbois, and it has just a few Bill Bader touches. Ronnie Beard's song "Wonderful Crazy" is a wonderfully dreamy song.  (Note:  At one point we changed the name to "Something Like This", but no one could remember that name, so it is back to its original name.)

Workin' (9 to 5)     Word doc
This dance is mostly the choreography of Lisa Strong, with a little help from me.  Everybody loves this song and this aerobic dance fits the music very well.

WOW      Word doc
WOW is only 32 counts, but it is loaded with interesting combinations.  The wonderful song by George Strait, "You Can't Buy Your Way Out Of The Blues" inspired this dance, although I now prefer it with the brilliant song "Somethin' In The Water" by The Cheap Seats.  I love pencil turns (also called platform turns), a rare move not often seen in line dances... I put two in this dance.

You Got It     Word doc
This could be one of the easiest dances ever choreographed. The song "You Got It" by Roy Orbison is not perfectly phrased, so I chose to make the dance just 28 counts so that it comes back on phrase at just the right climactic moment in the song.

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