List of Line Dances by Bill Bader
Line Dances By Bill Bader


1) Alphabetical list of dances with links to step sheets
2) Categories lists. Dances are categorized by
difficulty level, style, length, and holidays..

Detailed descriptions and videos of dances
are found on a separate page... CLICK HERE

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arrow right  les Chorégraphies en Français

Other non-English scripts are available:   Email

Alphabetical List
arrow right Click on the Dance Name to find the dance script.  The Word doc option is shown in case you want to adjust margins.  For some dances, only Word docs are available.

2001 - The BC Coaster      Word doc
A Mind Of Its Own      Word doc
Across The Sea (a.k.a. Sea Sick)      Word doc
All My Heart      Word doc     Find demo videos
Blacktop Boogie     Word doc
Bones      Word doc
Boot Scootin' Boogie      Word doc      Find demo videos
Bright Side of the Road (a.k.a. "Longneck Bottle" depending on music choice)      Word doc
Bump And Grind     Word doc
Canadian Stroll      Word doc      Find demo videos
Chill      Word doc
Close Encounters      Word doc      Find demo videos
College Hustle      Word doc
Commitments To Love      Word doc
Cowgirls Twist  (a.k.a. Cowgirl Twist)     Word doc     Find demo videos
(The) Diamond     Word doc
Dig The Groove     Word doc
Dream Walk      Word doc
E. M. S.      Word doc     Find demo videos
Everybody's Somebody's Fool      Word doc     Find demo videos
Evil Weevil      Word doc
Faith      Word doc
Flowers      Word doc
Forever Dance      Word doc
Gimme That Rhythm      Word doc   NEW    Find demo videos

Give It A Whirl     Word doc
Home on the Range     Word doc
Hot Pepper     Word doc
I Can Do It     Word doc
I Only Want To Be With You     Word doc
I'm With You     Word doc
Imagination     Word doc
Jambalaya Joe      Word doc                                                   Would you like to see detailed descriptions of these dances? CLICK HERE
Jump In      Word doc
Kick Start     Word doc
L.D.C. Express      Word doc
Little Ophelia      Word doc
Little Ship      Word doc     Find demo and LESSON video
Little Squirt     Word doc      Find demo videos
Long Live Love      Word doc
Longneck Bottle - see Bright Side Of The Road
Louisiana Kick      Word doc     Find demo videos
Make It Snappy      Word doc
Mama Jazz      Word doc     Find demo and LESSON video
Mama Knows Best      Word doc     Find demo videos
Million $ Cowboy 2000     Word doc
Minute Waltz       Word doc     Find demo videos
Moon Time     Word doc
More Where That Came From     Word doc
My Annie     Word doc Find demo and LESSON video
Neutron Dance       Word doc
No Trippin       Word doc
Not Going Home    Word doc
Open Up     Word doc
Ophelia     Word doc
Rainbow Rhythm     Word doc
Rip    Word doc
Roll Back      Word doc
Santa C Boogie     Word doc
Sh-Boom     Word doc     Find demo videos
(The) Shake - or - Shake Down, Rattle & Roll)      Word doc     Find demo videos
Show Me The Money      Word doc
Singapore Swing      Word doc     Find demo videos
Slap City      Word doc
Something Easy      Word doc
South Coast Swing      Word doc
Southern Cross Cha Cha      Word doc     Find demo videos
Southland Waltz      Word doc
Step Back      Word doc     Find demo videos
Still The One     Word doc
Sugar Dip      Word doc
Sunny Guy      Word doc
Sweet Smile      Word doc
That Old Swing      Word doc
Three Quarter Cha Cha      Word doc
Thump Therapy     Word doc
Thunderbolt     Word doc    Word doc with image     Find demo videos
Tops      Word doc
Tumbleweed 2      Word doc file     Find demo videos
Two Minute Waltz      Word doc file
Vancouver Boogie - see Boot Scootin' Boogie
Vegas Boogie       Word doc file
West Point Grey Blues     Word doc
Whirl-Y-Reel      Word doc     Find demo videos
Whoosh      Word doc file
(The) Wine Dance      Word doc
Winter Wonder Walk     Word doc
Wonderfully Crazy      Word doc
Workin' (9 to 5)     Word doc
WOW      Word doc
You Got It     Word doc
Would you like to see detailed descriptions of these dances? CLICK HERE

Dances Listed by Category
  These lists are offered so you can easily find dances based on
how easy they are, their dance style or music style, and if they are appropriate for a holiday.  

Notes on Beginner Dances

      Please feel free to select your own music for any of my beginner dances. Beginner lessons need that flexibility.  For example, if you want to teach "Winter Wonder Walk", it certainly does not need to be done to a Christmas song.
      In case you need a slower song, I almost always offer slower song options on my step sheets.    I would caution you not to take things too fast too quickly when teaching beginners; but, on the other hand, be careful not to "dumb down" your beginners by never giving them fast beginner dancers or they will have trouble progressing to those faster songs they will find at the intermediate level.  On the step sheet for "Step Back" I have a long list of songs covering a large tempo range. That is a fun dance to help increase confidence with faster tempos.
     Also on the topic of choosing music:  Perhaps you like a song that is normally used for an upper level dance. Why not try it for a beginner dance?

     The category "Upper Beginner" contains dances that some might consider Level 1 dances because some instructors teach them in their introductory courses. Each region and each instructor is different when it comes to what they consider constitutes a beginner-level dance. Likewise, some dances in Level2 might be classed as Low Intermediate by others. Classifying dances is difficult, especially when the dances are your own!

Challenge Level

These are the top recommended line dances for novices/newcomers/people who have never seen line dancing before.
The super easiest ones are starred ( * ).
The other easy dances here are for beginners after a couple classes.

Boot Scootin' Boogie (32) *   Video
Bright Side of the Road (32)
Canadian Stroll (16) *   Video
College Hustle (32) *
Cowgirls Twist (32) *   Video
E. M. S. (32) *
Make It Snappy (32) *
Step Back (32)   Video
Sugar Dip (32) *
Sunny Guy (32) *
West Point Grey Blues (32)
Winter Wonder Walk (32)
You Got It (28)

Would you like to see detailed descriptions of these dances? CLICK HERE

...also called Advanced Beginner, Beginner Plus, Beginner Improver, Beginner Level II.
A Mind of Its Own (32)
Bump And Grind (32)
Dream Walk (32)
Everybody's Somebody's Fool (32)   Video
I Can Do It (64)
I Only Want To Be With You (48)
Kick Start (24)
Little Ship (32)   Video
Little Squirt (32)   Video
Louisiana Kick (64)   Video
Mama Knows Best (32)   Video
Minute Waltz (24)   Video
Moon Time (32)
Shake (32)   Video
Something Easy (32)
Sweet Smile (32)
Three Quarter Cha Cha (48)

(Easy Intermediate)
Faith (32)
Flowers (patterned)
Jambalaya Joe (32)
Little Ophelia (24)
Santa C Boogie (32)
Sh-Boom (64)  
Show Me The Money (32)
Singapore Swing (32)   Video
Slap City (32)
Two Minute Waltz (48)
Wine Dance (32)

Bones (32)
Cha Cha Party (32)
Close Encounters (24)   Video
Diamond (48)
Dig The Groove (32)
Forever Dance (32)
Gimme That Rhythm (32)
Give It A Whirl (32 + 2 count tag)
Home On The Range (32)
Imagination (32)
Long Live Love (32)
Mama Jazz (64)   Video
Million $ Cowboy 2000 (32)
More Where That Came From (128)
Neutron Dance (48)
Not Going Home (64)
Rip (48)
Roll Back (64)
Southern Cross Cha Cha (48)
Southland Waltz (48)
Still The One (48)
Thunderbolt (60)
Vegas Boogie (48 + one tag)
Whirl-Y-Reel (if just the straight 96)
Whoosh (32)
Wonderfully Crazy (48)
Workin' 9 to 5 (32)
Would you like to see detailed descriptions of these dances? CLICK HERE

Across The Sea (64)
Blacktop Boogie (phrased 48+)
Commitments To Love (96+tag)
Evil Weevil (32)
Hot Pepper (32)
I'm With You (32)
My Annie (64)
Open Up (32)
Ophelia (64)
Rainbow Rhythm (64)
South Coast Swing (32)
That Old Swing (32)
Thump Therapy (64)
Tops (24)
Tumbleweed 2 (phrased 48+)
WOW (32)

2001 - The BC Coaster (52)
All My Heart (32)   Video
Hot Pepper - with the bell kick variation(32)
LDC Express (56)
No Trippin (32)
Whirl-Y-Reel (96 with "A-B-C" sections)

Dance Style and/or Music Style
The level of the dance is shown
in parentheses following the name.

 African   Rip (4)
  Whoosh (4)
 Boogie Woogie   Gimme That Rhythm (4)
  Santa C Boogie (4)
  Thump Therapy (5)
  Vegas Boogie (5)
 Cajun   Jambalaya Joe (3)
  Louisiana Kick (2)
  My Annie (5)
  Southland Waltz (4)
 Charleston   Mama Jazz (4)
  Mama Knows Best (2)
 Cha -
Country Cha Cha / Colloquial Cha Cha / Social Cha Cha
  Southern Cross Cha Cha (4)
  Three Quarter Cha Cha (3)
 Cha -
Latin Cha Cha Cha
  Cha Cha Party (4)
 DIsco   College Hustle (1)
  Jump In (5)
  Neutron Dance (4)
  Ophelia (5)
 Fast  2001 - The BC Coaster (6)
  Bones (4)
  Bright Side Of The Road (2)
  Hot Pepper (5)
  Jambalaya Joe (3)
  Mama Jazz
  My Annie (5)
  Not Going Home (3)
  Roll Back (4)
  Show Me The Money (3)
  Thump Therapy (5)
  Vegas Boogie (5)
  Whirl-Y-Reel (5 or 6)
  WOW (5)
 Funky / Slow Groove   Bump And Grind (2)
  I'm With You (5)
  Little Squirt (2)
  No Trippin (6)
  Ophelia (5)
  Shake (3)
  Sugar Dip (1)
  You Got It (1)
 Irish  Whirl-Y-Reel (6)
 Latin / Caribbean   Across The Sea (5)
  Cha Cha Party (4)
  Open Up (5)
  Long Live Love (4)
 Oldies (50's, 60s)   See separate page:  Dancin' To The Oldies
 Paso Doble   Minute Waltz (2)
 Polka   2001-The BC Coaster (6)
  Close Encounters (3)
  Home On The Range (4)
  Jambalaya Joe (3)
  Show Me The Money
 Rumba (Rhumba)   Little Ship (2)
 Soft shoe  Sh-Boom (3)
 That Old Swing (5)
 Slap  Slap City (4)
 Slow   All My Heart (6)
  Canadian Stroll (1)
  Dream Walk (3)
  Moon Time (2)
  Sugar Dip (1)
 Standards - see Oldies  See separate page:  Dancin' To The Oldies
 Swing  Commitments To Love (5)
  E.M.S. (1)
  Imagination (4)
  My Annie (5)
  South Coast Swing (5)
  Still The One (4)
  Tumbleweed 2 (5)
  Vegas Boogie (4-5)
  Wine Dance (3)
 Twist   Cowgirls Twist (1)
  Evil Weevil (5)
(Music only - none of these dances have Q-Q-S-S steps)
 Bright Side Of The Road (1)
  Flowers (3)
  Something Easy (2)
  Rainbow Rhythm (5)
  WOW (5)
 Waltz  Diamond (4)
  Minute Waltz (2)
  Southland Waltz (4)
  Two Minute Waltz (3)

 Most Aerobic   2001 (6)
  Bones (4)
  Gimme That Rhythm (4)
  Jambalaya Joe (3)
  Jump In (4)
  My Annie (5)
  Rip (4)
  Thunderbolt (4)
  Workin' (4)

 Least Aerobic
(Of course, this depends on the 
tempo of the song you choose.)
  Canadian Stroll (1)
  Cowgirls Twist (1)
  Dream Walk (2)
  Little Ship (2)
  Make It Snappy (1)
  Minute Waltz (2)
  Moon Time (2)
  West Point Grey Blues (1)
  Wine Dance (3)
  You Got It (1)

  (16 Counts)

  Canadian Stroll (1)

 (24 Counts)   Close Encounters (3)
  Kick Start (2)
  Little Ophelia (3)
  Minute Waltz (2)
  Tops (5)

 (28 Counts)   You Got It (1)

 32 Counts  All My Heart (6)
 Bright Side Of The Road (2)
 Bones (4)
 Boot Scootin' Boogie (1)
 Bump And Grind (2)
 Cha Cha Party (4)
 College Hustle (1)
 Cowgirls Twist (1)
 Dig The Groove (4)
 Dream Walk (2)
 E. M. S. (1)
 Everybody's S's Fool (2)
 Evil Weevil (5)
 Faith (3)
 Flowers (patterned) (3)
 Forever Dance (4)
 Gimme That Rhythm (4)
 Give It A Whirl (4)
 Home On The Range (4)
 Hot Pepper (5,6)
 Imagination (4)
 I'm With You (5)
 Little Ship (2)
 Little Squirt (2)
 Long Live Love (4)
 Make It Snappy (1)
 Mama Knows Best (2)
 Million $ Cowboy 2000 (4)
 No Trippin (6)
 Open Up (5)
 Santa C Boogie (3)
 Shake (3)
 Singapore Swing (3)
 Slap City (3)
 South Coast Swing (5)
 Step Back (1)
 Sugar Dip (1)
 Sweet Smile (2)
 That Old Swing (5)
 West Point Grey Blues(1)
 Whoosh (4)
 Wine Dance (3)
 Winter Wonder Walk (1)
 Workin' (4)
 WOW (5)

 48 Counts   Country Set (4)
  (The) Diamond (4)
  I Only Want To Be With You (2)
  Neutron Dance (4)
  Rip (4)
  Southern Cross Cha Cha (4)
  Southland Waltz (4)
  Still The One (4)
  Three Quarter Cha Cha (2)
  Tumbleweed 2 (5)
  Two Minute Waltz (3)
  Vegas Boogie (5) TAG
  Wonderfully Crazy

 Longest  More Where That Came From
 Commitments To Love
 Jump In
 128 counts
 96+32 counts
 96 counts
 80 counts

(Line dances appropriate to teach around a holiday)

 Christmas Line Dances  Santa C Boogie (3)
 Winter Wonder Walk (1)

 Valentine's Day Line Dances  All My Heart (6)
 Commitments To Love (5)
 Forever Dance (4)
 I'm With You (5)

  St. Patrick's Day Linedances  Whirl-Y-Reel (6)

  Mardi Gras Line Dancesmardi gras line dances   Jambalaya Joe (3)
  Louisiana Kick (3)
  Southland Waltz (4)

  Mothers Day Line Dances   Mama Jazz (4)
Mama Knows Best (2)

  Canada Day Line Dances  Canadian Stroll (1)

 Graduation Day Line Dances  College Hustle (1)

 Best Convention Dances
  (Best line dances for beginners / novices)
 Boot Scootin' Boogie (1)
 Canadian Stroll (1)
 College Hustle (1)
 Cowgirls Twist (1)
 E. M. S. (1)
 Make It Snappy (1)
 Something Easy (2)
 Sugar Dip (1)

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