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Most of these "Golden Oldies" on my list are seen or were seen on dance floors in many different parts of the world. Some are or were very popular in our area and our dancers will remember them fondly.
The list is meant as a walk down memory lane...or should I say a "Boot Scoot" down "Memory Lane".

Dances found on this site are shown with red links.

2001 - The BC Coaster - Bill Bader
A Single Moment - Aiden Montgomery
Ain't Goin' Nowhere - Lori Wong
All My Heart - Bill Bader
All Of Me - Paul & Karla Dornstedt
At The Hop - Carmel Hutchinson
Baby Likes To Rock It - Hillbilly Rick
Backroads - Michael Barr
Ballymore Boys - Dynamite Dot
Bare Essentials - Carly Dimond
Barn Dance (couples mixer) - unknown
Bella's Cha Cha - John Mulhall
Bellissimma - Craig Smith
Best Friends - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson
Bicycle Waltz - Peter Heath
Boot Scootin' Boogie (Vancouver Boogie) - Bill Bader
Bosa Nova - Phil Dennington
Bottle It Up - Linda Nyfeller
Breakers Boogie - unknown
Cajun Girls & Gumbo - Mike Sliter
Callin The Blues - Lorraine Harvey
Canadian Stroll- Bill Bader
Cha Cha Lengua - Neil Hale
Cheyenne - Cheyenne Social Club
Chihuahua - Yvonne Anderson
Chill Factor - Whittaker & Westhead
Circle Jerk (Phoenix Circle) - unknown
Coastin' - Ray & Tina Yeoman
Coconut Cream - Debbie Wilson Masterson
Come Dance With Me - Jo Thompson
Cotton Eyed Joe (a.k.a. Cotton Eye Joe) partner pattern dance - unknown
Country Girl - unknown
Cowboy Cha Cha (partner pattern dance) - unknown
Cowboy Charleston (a.k.a. Charleston Cowboy)
Cowboy Strut - unknown
Cowgirls Twist - Bill Bader
Coyote - Madeleine & Ingo Neill
Dance Ranch Romp - Jo Thompson
Dancing Hearts - Michael Barr
Deja Vu - JP Potter
Dizzy - Jo Thompson
Do-Da-Loop - Grant Gadbois
Do'Ya - Mark & Jan Caley
Don't Go To Sleep - Michele Perron
Down On The Corner - Peter Metelnick
Elvira (Texas Freeze)
Enchantment - Jo Thompson
Evergreen - Karen Hunn
Fenua Maohi E - Derrick & Terry
Flickerin' Flame - Amanda Meyer
Fly Like A Bird - Hedy McAdams
Flying High - Jan Wyllie
G*E*L - Gadbois, Schira, Strong
Ghost Train - Kathy Hunyadi
God Blessed Texas - Shirley Batson
Have Fun Go Mad - Scott Blevins
High Test Love - Max Perry
Honky Tonk Twist - Max Perry
Horseshoe (partner pattern dance)
Hot Tamales - Neil Hale
I Got Mexico - Trish Davies
I Said I Love You - Teresa & Vera
I’ll Be Yours - Paul & Karla Dornstedt
I'm Alive - Kevin & Rena Ward
Inspiration Cha Cha - Dee Cresdee
Into The Arena - Michael Vera-Lobos
Islands In The Stream - Karen Jones
Just For Grins - Bev Senft
Kansas City - unknown
Karrie Lane - Ken Lasky
Keep The Magic - Karla and Paul Dornstedt
Kickin' Up Dust - Terry Hogan
Kokomo - unknown
Laredo Rose - Kay Romero
Look Over Your Shoulder - Trish Davies
Loose Change - Sue Webster
Louisiana Hot Sauce - Brady, Elliott, Perry, Thompson
M & M - Karla & Paul Dornstedt
Mama Jazz - Bill Bader
MaryLou - Al & Diana Lesack
Memory - Irene Groundwater
Memory Lane - Janeen Kenny
Midnight Rendezvous - Michael Barr
Midnight Waltz - Jo Thompson
MMM Bop - Kelly Kaylin
(More) Hooked On Country - unknown
Mucara Walk - John Steel
Neon Moon - Robert Prieto & Kay Hackett
No Way Jose - Shirley Johnson
No Worries - Grant Gadbois
Ooo Aah - Sal Gonzales
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Wilson & Lucia
Ophelia - Bill Bader
Other Side Of The Track - Lisa Kruse & Jim Anderson
Patient Heart - Michael Vera-Lobos
Peace Train - Julie Molkner
Phoenix Circle (Circle Jerk) - unknown
Pick A Pocket - Jan Wyllie
Poor Boy Shuffle - Vicki E. Rader
Quando When Quando - Fisher & Lawrence
Razor Sharp - Steve Sunter
Reggae Cowboy (Diamond Reggae) - unknown
Rhumba & Roses - Larry Bass
Ribbon Of Highway - Neil Hale
River Of Dreams - Charlotte Skeeters
Rock Around The Clock - unknown
Rock N Roll Waltz - unknown
Roll Back - Bill Bader
Roll Back The Rug - unknown
Roll Of The Dice - Mike Sliter
San Antone Rose - Mike Sliter
Shakatak - Kate Sala
She Bangs - Hillbilly Rick
Shut Up And Kiss Me - Christy Fox
Silk & Satin - Evelyn Khinoo
Simply Blue - Annie Saw
SK Shuffle - unknown
Skee Bumpis (Ski Bumpus) - Linda De Ford
Singapore Swing - Bill Bader
Slappin' Leather (Slap Leather) - Gayle Brandon
Slow Burn - Kathy Hunyadi & John Robinson
Smokey Places - Michele Perron
Southern Cross Cha Cha - Bill Bader
Southern Streamline - Mack Apaapa
Southside Shuffle - unknown
Still The One - Bill Bader
Stroll Along Cha Cha - Rodeo Cowboys
Sun Arise - Doug Miranda
Swamp Thang - Max Perry
Sweetheart Schottische (partner pattern dance)
Tahoe Kick - unknown
Tamworth Taillights - Sal Gonzales
Texas Tease - unknown
Tiggerific - Doug & Jackie Miranda
Titanic - Simon Ward
Thirty-Two Step (partner pattern dance)
Note: the above dance is The Ten Step + The Twenty-Two Step
Thunderbolt - Bill Bader
Toot Toot (a.k.a. Ukiah 22) - unknown
Triples - Sandy Jones
Tropicana Parking Lot - Patrick W. Riley
Tulsa Time - unknown
Tumbleweed - unknown
Tush Push - Jim Ferrazanno
Unmendable - Jan Wyllie
Uno, Dos, Tres (a.k.a. 13MWZ)- Sherry McClure
Voila - Charlotte Skeeters
Walkin' Wazi - Getty & Callahan
Waltz Across Texas - unknown
Watermelon Crawl - Sue Lipscomb
Weekdays - Lisa Firth & Janet Halls
Wild Wild West Boogie - Chris Hookie
Working Man - Bryan Knudsen
Zydeco Lady - Chris Hookie


Underlined dances on this page are available on this site simply by clicking on them.  For other dances, try the choreographer's own website which you might be able to find on
Also try
Copperknob line dance archives
where you will be able to find almost all of these dances, but sometimes without all the notes you will find on the choreographer's originals.
Also, try
Put the correctly-spelled dance title in quotations (" ") followed by the words: line dance step (not in quotes).

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