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Section 1.
     Information of Interest to Linedancers

  FINDING LINE DANCES - How to find a line dance
       (dance steps, dance scripts, step sheets, step descriptions, cue sheets, dance instructions, choreography)
  The choreographer's own write-up is the best version to find.
Why?  If a choreographer has their own website, you know you are getting the proper and most recent script.  On other sites, scripts might have been re-written or re-formatted and you can never be sure if you are seeing the original or complete information.  For example, when I add a new music suggestion to one of my dances, I only do that on my own website.  Furthermore, any version other than the choreographer's own might be missing important things like the choreographer's original choice of music or they might eliminate the choreographers note that says where you should start the dance. I am amazed at how often people will eliminate the song the dance was originally choreographed to, and substitute their own choice of song.
A word to the wise:  Avoid relying on secondary sources if you can.  Even on the most popular and seemingly reliable archive sites, there are errors on some dances (not always their fault). It is impossible, especially for the more prolific or popular choreographers, to keep track of where all their dances are shown on the internet.

Not all choreographers have their own websites, but here are ways to find them if they do:
Line-Links - You are here, so search using <CTRL> F
Linedancer magazine's website

Choice #2:   Visit one of the big websites that collect as many line dances as possible
copperknob.co.uk - CopperKnob (UK) - Almost everyone sends their dances here, so this is a huge archive.

Dancin' Deep In The Heart Of Texas (a.k.a. Cactus Star) -  Another huge archive, the first BIG one. They attempt to list every line dance.

Linedancerweb - UK website (formerly a hardcopy magazine)

Aussie DanceSheets - This web site is exclusively for Aussie choreographers and is listed here because not all Australian choreographers send their dances to the above archives.

NEW LINE DANCES - for a newsletter announcing dances hot off the presses, and almost always directly from the choreographers themselves, check the following website:
WorldLineDanceNewsletter.com - DANCE!!!! newsletter - subscribe for free on their website

     This is a short list. Many other sites also have excellent dance libraries.

   Français    Gutz/Louise & Jacques' Dance Archives

   Deutsch   Bald Eagle Line Dancer Tanzarchiv

Choice #3:   Use an internet search engine
You can use search engines as a first attempt to find a line dance, or as a last resort.

 1) Go to Google google.com ...or another search engine of your choice.
 2) In the search bar type the correct dance title "in quotes" along with these key words:    line dance step (not in quotes).    For example... "Watermelon Crawl" line dance step
If you know the correct spelling, add the choreographer's last name to cut down on the number of search results.
Do NOT put quotes around the dance title if you are not 100% sure of the EXACT name (correct spelling and punctuation marks).
Be sure to read about how to refine your search with the "Advanced Search" options.

  Here are the two best ways to locate a video of the dance you want to learn.
1) The first choice is always the choreographer's own version, so check if the choreographer has her/his own website. (You might find it below in the International links section)
2) YouTube.com - Use the search bar there. BUT BE CAREFUL...
 Anyone can send a video to YouTube so it may be an incorrect version of the dance or incorrect name of the dance.  For example, you will see a lot of videos titled "Boot Scootin' Boogie" but the dancers are doing "Slappin' Leather".   So always make sure you check the step description before you teach or learn a dance. And always look for the choreographer's own write-up of the dance.

  EZINES and NEWSLETTERS (not hard-copy)
  The locations indicated show where they are published. This is not the same as their circulation's scope. Many of them have international subscribers - and would like to have more!

linedancerweb.com - Linedancer Magazine (UK)
worldlinedancenewsletter.com - DANCE!!!! newsletter - free and popular international newsletter which announces new dances coming out, has a weekly dance survey everyone can participate in, and has a large website with features like places to dance, etc.

  LINEDANCE ASSOCIATIONS - not specific to one country
  Associations specific to one country are found under their individual country.

b-w-d-a.com - Best Western Dance Academy (distinct from BWDA2000 found under UK)
ucwdc.org - United Country Western Dance Council

  These web sites attempt to keep up with current classes and dance venues. Expect to find out-of-date items, but that's not the fault of the site managers. They rely on the submitters to keep the information up-to-date. Try to verify the info with the class instructor before you go.

"Line-Links" Country-By-Country listings shown below.  Line-Links has listings as comprehensive as you will find to help you to locate line dance classes and events
stayinline.homestead.com - line dance class locations in Canada and other countries
worldlinedancenewsletter.com/WTD.html - "Where To Dance". This site includes classes whose instructors do not have a website. I have included links below in the US state listings to this website.
A WORD OF CAUTION:  Classes come and go.  Always make an effort to contact the instructor or establishment before you go.

  Also known as "urban line dancing" or "R&B line dancing", "soul" line dance clubs are different from the majority of line dance clubs in that the music is mainly "R&B/soul music" and the terminology is different. In some parts of the USA, the mix of dancers is majority African-American, but not exclusively. Sample videos are found on YouTube.com At the moment, all links to soul line dancing clubs are found under the USA listings indicated with "(R&B/soul)" in the annotation.

Choreography pointers
worldlinedancenewsletter.com/TipsChor_TOC.html - tips for choreographers

Dance Tips and Suggestions
calgarystampede.co.uk - Beginner tips -Julie & Dave Mott

Dancing as Therapy
mesothelioma.com/treatment/alternative/dance-therapy.htm - along with meditation, massage, acupuncture, hypnosis, and yoga, dancing is used as therapy for cancer patients and others who could benefit from the physical activity. A few progressive companies use linedancing as a recreational activity for employees on breaks during work hours.

Dictionaries / Glossaries
dancedictionary.com - dance dictionary (not just linedancing)
Country-Time - line dance glossary by Don Deyne
owzitstart.co.uk/terminology.html - GLOSSARY of basic line dance terms

Etiquette on the linedance floor
silver-star-ldc.com/LINE-DANCE-ETIQUETTE - Linedance Etiquette
hookedoncountry.tripod.com/id41.html - CW dance floor placement
jeannietucker.com/Featured%20Articles/DanceEtiquette.htm - dance etiquette and tips

Foot Positions
streetswing.com/footpos1.htm - foot positions

History Of Linedancing
History, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  Some accounts of linedance history are sadly short on fact.  Listed here are the two best attempts to cover this difficult subject:
roots-boots.net/ldance/history.html - a detailed and comprehensive history of line dancing
bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A669512 - a good short history of line dancing

youtube.com/watch?v=Oqt1YuKOyFA - Australia's first line dance show (Glenn Brittain's Dance Show)

Links - largest collections of links that make concerted efforts to keep their links current
billbader.com/line-links.htm  - Line-Links
doublecountry.fsnet.co.uk/index.htm  - Linedancing Links

Surveys of popular line dances (compilations, not individual Top 10 lists or the like)
roots-boots.net/ldance/instructors.html - dances being taught
roots-boots.net/wdi/ - surveys of popular dances taught around the world
Oaklands Annual Surveys - past annual surveys (2002 thru 2005)

World Records set by line dancers
billbader.com/worldrecords.htm - official Guinness World Records for "largest line dance" / "longest line dance", where you can find information such as articles, photos and a video of world records

  allmusic.com - All Music Guide - excellent search engine for songs or albums
arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk - Arjjaze Dance website has a huge collection of PARTNER DANCES (1500+)
benedict.com/Info - copyright information
cmdscotland.org.uk - Country Music Scotland - Scottish based online country music magazine
expedia.com - maps, directions, all information your driving or flying
google.com - Google, the best search engine on the net, either as a first step or as a last hope. Learn about their "advanced search".
footsmart.com/FootSmart-Health-Facts - Foot health, foot problems
roughstock.com/history - history of country music
sing365.com - lyrics
translate.google.com - translations from one language to another
xe.net/ucc - universal Currency converter

  How do you say LINE DANCE or LINE DANCING in different languages?

A quick survey of the international web sites below shows:

American English:   line dance, linedance; line dancing, linedancing
Australian English:   boot scooting, bootscooting, line dance, linedancing
British English:   linedance, linedancing
Danish:   linedance, line dance, linedancing
Dutch:    linedans, line dance, linedancing
Estonian:   linetants, linedance
Finnish:   line dancing, linedancing
French:   la danse en ligne
German:   Linedance, Line Dance, Line-Dancing
Hungarian:   linedance
Icelandic:   linedance
Italian:   balli in linea, line dance, la line-dance
Norwegian:   linedance

Polish:   line dance
Spanish:   line dance, linedancing
Sweden:   linedance, line dance

Wouldn't it be smart to standardize the name of our activity as 'linedancing'?  Also it makes great sense to standardize on the single word 'linedance'.  Reason:  linedancing and linedance are unique words that stand apart from every other type of dancing.  The words linedance and linedancing also allow easy internet searches. When line is a separate word, searches yield too many non-pertinent results.  - Bill Bader

links line
  Section 2.
International Line Dance Websites  
Countries are listed alphabetically.

Scroll down or click on the country of your choice ------->

This list includes the web sites of linedance clubs, tuitions, groups, choreographers, dedicated artists, linedance archives, etc.

 Hong Kong
 New Zealand
 South Africa
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 AUSTRALIA - line dancing in Australia  60 links checked ok Aug 2013
                  New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA), Victoria (VIC), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS)
  alldancing.com/bootscoot1.html - South'n Boot-Scooters - Dion Thomas (NSW)
angelfire.com/country/linedancegirls/home.htm - Sunshine Coast Country Girls (QLD)
angelfire.com/folk/marcoola - Marcoola Beach Line Dance Union - Reggie DeVere (QLD)
angelfire.com/folk/runaround.sioux- Runaround Sioux - Sue Butcher, Leon Butcher (QLD)
apacherebels.com - Apache Rebels - Ray Grima, Sin Grima (WA)
aussie.dancesheets.net - Aussie Dancesheets - archive for line dances created by Australian choreographers
australianlinedancer.com.au - Australian Line Dancer (organization)
bluewaterlinedancers.yolasite.com - Blue Water Line Dancers Nelson Bay - Margaret Taylor (NSW)
bootscootindevils.com.au - Bootscootin' Devils - Jenni Groom (TAS)
bootscootnbasics.websyte.com.au - Bootscoot 'N Basics - Caro Stoll (VIC)
bootscootintravelclub.com - Bootscootin' Travel Club
bootsnus.8m.com - Boots 'n' Us - Margaret Murphy (VIC)
brettjenkins.com - Brett Jenkins (QLD)
cactusmoon.com.au- Cactus Moon - Cynthia & Michael Rennolds (VIC)
cheyenneonqueue.com.au - Cheyenne On Queue - Darren Mitchell (VIC)
classes.dancesheets.net - Line Dance Classes Around Australia (part of Aussie Dancesheets) - Dave Powell
countryragepage.com/linedancing.htm - Tamworth Rage Page (inactive as of 2008)
countryvicbootscooter.com - CountryVicBootscooters - Bob Parmenter, Mary Parmenter + links to clubs in Bendigo & Geelong (VIC)
cowboyculture.com.au - John Bishop (VIC)
dallaslinedancers.com - Dallas Line Dancers (QLD)
dancewithbill.com - Lonestar - Bill Larson (WA)
dancewithgordon.com - Gordon Elliot (NSW)
dare2dance.org - Dare 2 Dance Tamworth - Chris Watson (NSW)
didenim.com - Diamonds 'n Denim Linedancing - Diane Andrews (Port Macquarie, NSW)
freewebs.com/countrymoon - Country Moon Bootscooters - Annie Bradbury, Jan Wyllie (Hervey Bay, QLD)
freewebs.com/hublinedance - Hastings United Bootscooters - Di Roods (Port Macquarie & Wauchope, NSW)
freewebs.com/kblinedancers/index.htm - KB Linedancers (WA)
freewebs.com/one-liners - One Liner Bootscooters - Linda Burgess, Mitchell Burgess (NSW)
freewebs.com/thelinedancemag - The Linedance Mag (Australia's only national/international hard copy line dance magazine)
holidaycoastbootscooters.com.au - Holiday Coast Bootscooters - Robyn Ward (South West Rocks, Kundabung, Nambucca Heads,
                  Urunga, Sawtell and Coffs Harbour, NSW)
home.zipworld.com.au/~strictly/ - Strictly Linedance - Michael Vera-Lobos, Noel Bradey (NSW)
kerrigan.com.au- Lassoo Line Dance - Sandy Kerrigan (NSW)
ldaa.com.au/home - LDAA - Line Dance Association Of Australia (organization)
LineDance.com.au - LineDance With Liz Collett (QLD)
linedancersofsa.org - Line Dancers Of South Australia - Peter Heath (SA)
lvbootscooters.com - L. V. Country Line Dancers - home of all the instructors in the Latrobe Valley:
                  Linda Pink, Sue Luke, Vi Hooker, Robyn Dossett, Cheryl Gell,
                  Roslyn Uren & Julie Foote, Caroline Allan, Robert Neal, Bairnsdale Bootscooters  (VIC)
mayworth.com.au/linedancer/country/championships.asp - Australasian Line Dance Championships
members.iinet.net.au/~janwyllie - Jan Wyllie (QLD) - amazing variety of dances, videos, and CDs
members.iinet.net.au/~tnscam - Step2It Line Dance - Tina Scammell (WA) - good links to other Perth & W.A. clubs
members.ozemail.com.au/~timgauci - Silver City Line Dancers Inc – Tim Gauci (Broken Hill, NSW)
members.tripod.com/pjbootscooter - PJ's Bootscooters (VIC)
members.tripod.com/reepatt - Ree's Rebels - Ree Patterson (QLD)
muswellbrooklinedance.piczo.com - Muswellbrook Linedance Express (NSW)
northernriders.net - Jennifer Hughes (NSW)
northsidelinedancers.com - Northside Linedancers - Carl Sullivan (NSW)
nulinedance.com/ - Alison Johnstone (NSW)
renegadelinedancers.com - Renegade Linedancers - Lorraine
roots-boots.net/jimmy - Jim Watt's Choreography (NSW)
roots-boots.net/ldance - Line Dance Sydney (NSW)
roots-boots.net/riverwood - Riverwood Linedancers - Barbara Hile (NSW)
roots-boots.net/stgeorge - St George Line Dancers - Norma Hull
silverstarw.com.au - Silver Star Wanda'rers - Wanda Heldt (WA)
sites.google.com/site/inlineboots4u/home - In Line Boots - Rosalie Mackay (Frenchs Forest, NSW)
snmlinedance.weebly.com - SnM Line Dancing Promotions - Shanon Dickson (NSW)
southerncrosslinedancers.com - Southern Cross Line Dancers Sydney - Mark Simpkin, Kate Simpkin (NSW)
stephenpaterson.com/ - Stephen Paterson (VIC)
tcmf.com.au - Tamworth Country Music Festival official website
tracielee.com - Dance Fever, Line Dancing with Tracie Lee (NSW)
victorianlinedance.asn.au/ - Victorian Line Dance Association (VIC)
youtube.com/watch?v=Oqt1YuKOyFA - Australia's first line dance show (Glenn Brittain's Dance Show)

 AUSTRIA / Österreich - Linedancing in Austria -- Line Dance Gruppen in Österreich   45 links checked ok Aug.2013
  4stepsahead.at - 4 Steps Ahead
acwda.at - Austrian Country Western Dance Association
arizona-line.at - Arizona Linedance Club Innsbruck
burningboots-tirol.com - Line Dance Nassereith - Burning Boots
burninglimestones.at - Burning Limestones
chattahoochee-stompers.at - Chattahoochee Stompers
country-devils.at - Country Devils
country-western-portal.com/dance/austria/dance_austria.html - Country Western Europe (links, info)
funny-liners.at - Funny Liners
funnyhearts.at - Funny Hearts Line Dance Treffen
greatfamily.at - Great Family Line Dance Country Club
greatmountain.at - Great Mountain Linedancer
grizzlylinedancers.at - Grizzly Line Dancers (Oberloisdorf)
hillbilly-stompers.at - Hillbilly Stompers
happylinedancer.at - Happy Linedancer
honkytonklinedancers.com - Honky Tonk Line Dancers
kapella-ld.at - Kapella Linedancer
laaberlinedance.at - Laaber Line Dance Company
linedance.at - LDCK - Line Dance Company Klagenfurt
linedance-salzburg.com - Little Joe's Line Dancer Salzburg
linedanceboy.spaces.live.com - Line Dance Boy (aka DJ Starlight)
linedancelandeck.at - Linedance Landeck
luckyliners.at - Lucky Liners
madhouse-linedancer.com - Madhouse Line Dancers
members.a1.net/gurgltal/linedance - Sundance Tarrenz
millquarter-linedancer.at - Millquarter Linedancers - Annemarie und Toni
mississippidancer.at - Mississippi Dancer
most4tel-linedance.com - Most4tel Linedancer
paradise-of-horses.at - Paradise of Horses Line Dancer
phoenix-dancers.at - Phoenix Dancers
rainbow-linedancers.at - Rainbow LineDancers
rmd.co.at - Rocky Mountain Linedancers
silverado-linedancer.at - Sliverado Linedancer
sites.google.com/site/just4funlinedancetriestingta - Just 4 Fun Line Dance
smokinboots.com - Smokin Boots Grossebersdorf
swinging-hips.at - Swinging Hips
thedancingwolves.at/anfang.htm - The Dancing Wolves
thesharks-linedancers.at - The Sharks Linedancers
tumbleweed-dancers.at - Tumbleweed Country Dancers Vorarlberg
vanni-liners.wmweb.at - Vanni Liners
vcf.at - Vorarlberger Country Freunde
western-tracks.jimdo.com - Western Tracks
westside-linedance.at - Westside Linedancer
wildhorses.at.tf - Wild Horses Innsbruck
zillertalerlinedancer.com - Linedance im Zillertal (Zillertaler Linedancern)

 BELGIUM / België / Belgique - linedancing in Belgium   58 links checked ok June 2012
  arapaho.be - De Arapaho Country Dancers
azcountry.be - A-Z Country
bcwa.be - Belgian Country & Western Association
becountry.be - Be Country Line Dancers (Charleroi)
black-hawks.wifeo.com - Black Hawks (Liege)
blakstallion.skyrock.com - Black Stallion (Tournai, Wallonie)
blackwolves.be - Black Wolves Country Dancers (Antwerpen)
blue2.be - Blue2 Country Dancers (Booischot)
country-belgium.com - Wild Horses Country Dancers (Wavre)
country-far-west-jw.skyrock.com - Country-Far-West-J.W. (Charleroi)
countrydansers-stikdrins-borgloon.be - Countrydansers Borgloon (Limburg)
countryroye.skyrock.com - Country Dreams Linedancers Vilvoorde (Brabant)
countryplanet.be - Country Planet - Annie Saerens (Brabant/Wavre)
danssheets.be - Dancing Boots (West Vlaanderen)
diligence-cd.be - The Diligence Country Dancers (Antwerpen)
eaglestar.be - Eagle Star Country Dancers (Brabant Wallon)
everyoneweb.com/justuscountrydancers - Just Us Country Dancers (Antwerpen)
everyoneweb.com/rhinestonelinedancers - Rhinestone Linedancers
fort-alamo-country-dancers.net - Fort Alamo Country Dancers
halkansasdancers.skyrock.com - Halkansas Dancers (Arlon)
heart-soul-linedancers.be - Heart and Soul Dancers Ransberg
high-mountains.be - High Mountains Country Dancers
independant-cd.c.la - Independant Country Dancers (Brabant)
kickingboots.be - Kicking Boots (Wespelaar)
looseboots.be - Looseboots Country Dancers (Antwerpen)
los-charros.net - Los Charros Countrydancers
oldkentucky.be - Old Kentucky (West vlaanderen)
pascalvero.be - Ya qu'à Country (Charleroi)
racoon-country.be - Racoon Country Dancers (Bruxelles/Brussel)
renegades.be - Renegade's Country Dancers (Brabant)
riobravo.skyrock.com - Rio Bravo Country Line Dance (Arlon)
saintvincentiag.skyrock.com/3.html - Les Vincentiag's (Tintigny)
scdf.be - Stichting Country Dance Foundation - includes dance archive, glossary
sdc.wifeo.com - Les Lonestars Dancers de Chapois
spirit-of-crazy-horse.skyrock.com - Spirit-of-crazy-horse (Charleroi)
steppinout-cd.be - Steppin Out Country Dancers (Antwerpen)
tahtanka.be - Tahtanka Country Dancers (Brabant)
texasdancers.skynetblogs.be - Texas Dancers (Herstal)
theblackhillscountrydancers.com - The Black Hills Country Dancers
thecountryamericaneagles.skyrock.com - Les American Eagles (Mons)
thecountryeagles.be- The Country Eagles
thedancersofthenight.skynetblogs.be - The Dancers Of The Night (Charleroi)
thegrizzlylinedancers.be - The Grizzly Linedancers Belgium (Antwerpen)
themoveyourfeetlinedancers.be - The Move Your Feet Line Dancers (Antwerpen)
theprideoftexas.be - The Pride of Texas Country Dancers (Antwerpen)
thesilverwings - Silver Wings C.D.
united-eagles-dancers.skyrock.com - The United Eagles Dancers (Charleroi)
users.skynet.be/fb774742 - Les Rebelles Dancers (Waremme)
users.telenet.be/side-by-side - Side By Side Country Dancers (Brabant)
users.skynet.be/sitefox - Fox Country Dancers (Jodoigne)
users.skynet.be/theblackhorselinedancers - Black Horse Line Dancers (Antwerpen)
users.skynet.be/thecountryfriendsclub - The Country Friends ( Wiheries)
users.skynet.be/the.white.owls - The White Owls (Bollebeek)
users.skynet.be/westernstory - Western Story (Charleroi/Chimay)
westernspirit.skyrock.com - Western Spirit (La Louvière, Wallonie)
whitebuffalo.be - White Buffalo Country Club (Saint Hubert)
wild-buffalo.skyrock.com - Wild Buffalo (Verviers)
woodside-country.be - Woodside Country Dancers (Oost-Vlaanderen)

 BRAZIL / Brasil - line dancing in Brazil    2 links checked Aug.2013
  marcoscowboy.com.br - Marcos Cowboy - see "Grupos de Danca"
montanacountryshow.com.br - Montana Country Show

 CANADA - line dancing in Canada    64 links checked ok Aug. 2013
  Alberta (AB), British Columbia (BC), Ontario (AB), Quebec (QC), New Brunswick (NB), Nova Scotia (NS), Newfoundland (NF), Prince Edward Island (PEI)
  acdcountry.ca Association Canadienne de Danse Country - organization (QC)
ainsi-danse.ca - Ainsi-Danse (QC)
angelfire.com/or/conneck - DGV Country Dancers (St. Lazare, QC)
apdel.com - Association Professionnelle de Danse En Ligne - organization (QC)
atimetodance.shawwebspace.ca - A Time To Dance - Susy O'Shea (BC)
billbader.com - Bill Bader (BC) - major resource site, Home of "Line-Links"
blazingbootscanada.com - Blazing Boots Canada - Rob McKean (Pickering and Brooklin, ON)
bml.estriezone.com - B.M.L. - Bernadette et Marcel Labonté (Richmond, QC)
brookswood.ca/linedance1.html - Brookswood Line Dancing - Peggy Thomson (Vancouver suburbs, BC)
bucklecountry.com - Buckle Country (St-Jean-sur-Rchelieu, PC)
clubbolo.com - Club Bolo (gay) (Montréal, QC)
clubdansecountry.com - Club Danse Country Estrie (Sherbrooke, QC)
coolcountrynights.com - Let's Dance - Robert Fielder (ON)
coolgangcountrydancer.com - Cool Gang Country Dancer (QC)
countrybeat.qc.ca - Country Beat (QC)
countrydancesr.com - Country Dance S.R. - Sylvie Roy (Chaudière Appalache, QC)
countrydansemag.com - Country Danse Mag - Lucie Boisvert et Robert Martineau (QC)
countryhotdancers.com - Country Hot Dancers - Hugette et Jean Duguay (Drummondville, QC)
countryjc.com - Québec J-C Country Dancers - Jean-Claude Breton, Hélène Lacroix (Chaudière Appalache, QC)
countrymjm.com - Danses Country MJM - Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve (QC)
countryrythmdancers.com - Country Rythm Dancers - Denis Henley (Québec, QC)
cowboys-quebec.com - Cowboys-Quebec (QC) - resource site avec plus d'infos
cowboys-quebec.com/ateliersmgdance - Les Ateliers MG Dance (Québec, QC)
cowboys-quebec.com/cowboysdelarivesud - Cowboys de la Rive Sud - Stéphane Cormier (Mauricie/Centre du Québec, QC)
dancepooh.ca - Winnie Yu (Toronto, ON)
dancewebcanada.blogspot.com - DanceWeb Blog Canada
dancewithmarg.tripod.com - Marg Jones (NB, NL, NS, PEI)
dancewithwolfs.com - Dance with Wolfs - Jenifer Wolf, Larry Wolf (Creston, BC)
danceworx.ca - Deb Selzler (Kelowna, BC)
dansecountrygg.tripod.com - Danse Country GG (QC)
ecolestardance.ca - Star Dance - Sylvie Labrosse (Vaudreuil-Dorion / Sainte-Thérèse, QC)
facebook.com/pages/JF-COUNTRY-DANCERS/301818513178522 - JF Country Dancers (Cowansville, QC)
facebook.com/pages/MM-Country-Dancers/212245718653 M&M Country Dancers (NB)
freewebs.com/countrykik - Country Kik (Lanaudière, QC)
fridaydance.webs.com - Fridays (Niagara Falls, ON)
forevercountry.qc.ca - Forever Country (QC)
hlldf.org - Hors-la-Loi du Faubourg (QC)
ilovetodance.ca - I Love To Dance - RMSS Activity Ctr. (Port Moody, BC)
imaginavision.com/numero1 - L'école Country Numero 1 - Raymond Lamarche (St-Robert, QC)
irenegroundwater.com - Irene Groundwater (Vancouver, BC)
judymcdonald.ca - Judy McDonald (ON)
ldcanada.net - LDC Line Dances From Canada (limited to dances from 2009 to 2012 only)
lehonkytonk.com - Honkytonk Danse Country - Diane Girard, Jacques Godin (Montréal, QC)
leranchdelco.com - Ranch Delco - Diane St-Laurent (QC)
lesfansducountry.com - Les Fans du Country - Johane Beaudet (Victoriaville, Québec)
lesloupsducountry.com - Les Loups de Country (QC)
lindasansoucy.site.voila.fr - Country Road Dancers - Linda Sansoucy (Cap St-Ignace, QC)
members.shaw.ca/stepnscuff - Ember Schira (Vancouver, BC)
micheleperron.com - Michele Perron & Brian Bull (Metro Vancouver, BC)
moon-urban.com - Urban Cowboys et Moon Riders (QC)
newattitudelinedance.com - New Attitude Line Dance Company - Sue Hall (AB)
pages.infinit.net/counboot - Country Boots - Michelle Chandonnet, Mark Archambault (St-Hubert, QC)
pages.infinit.net/danseurs - École de danse Mario Ménard (Sainte-Foy, QC)
pages.infinit.net/djnicole - WagonWheel - Nicole Rondeau (QC)
pijocountrypop.com - Pijo Country Pop (Chaudière Appalache, QC)
raindropsdance.com - Emily Woo (Metro Toronto, ON)
smdcountry.com - SMD Country (QC)
stayinline.ca - Stay-In-Line - Vivienne Scott (ON)
thegreatbigparty.com - The Great Big Party - Adele Plantamura (ON)
timberlinedance.org - Vancouver Timberline Dance Society - Marek Kociolek (BC) (gay)
tmdancecountry.com - TM Dance Country 33 (QC)
torontowranglers.com - Toronto Wranglers (ON) (gay)
wasaga.wix.com/dancin4miracles - Dance For Miracles - Valerie Keller (Wasaga Beach, ON)
www3.sympatico.ca/michele.gilliland - Dance With Michele - Michele Gilliland (ON)

  CANARY ISLANDS / Islas Canarias - please see SPAIN

 CHINA (including Hong Kong and Taiwan)    5 links checked Nov.2014
  linachoi.com - The Hong Kong Line Dancing Association (Hong Kong) - Lina Choi
linedancehk.com - Line Dance Studio - Irene Tang (Hong Kong)
superdance.com.hk - Superdance - Katherine Lam (Hong Kong)

 TAIWAN / Republic Of China / Chinese Taipei (Formosa)
taipeiingrindkan.blogspot.tw - Taipei Ingrind Kan line dance
taipeilinedance.twmail.net - International Line Dance Association of Taipei

 CYPRUS    1 link checked Aug.2013
  phoenixldc.wordpress.com - Phoenix Line Dance Club (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)

 DENMARK / Danmark - line dancing klubber in Danmark   42 links checked ok June 2012
  airliners.dk - Air-Liners Karup
bennyray.dk - Benny Ray
born2dance.dk - Born2Dance
buffalo-bill.dk - Buffalo Bill Linedance ``
burning-boots.dk - Burning Boots Hjemmeside
clubwest.dk - Clubwest
countryconnection.dk - Contry Connection Linedance Odense
cuben-linedance.dk - Cuben Linedance Christianfeld - Birgitte Albæk Henriksen, Jeanette Albæk Henriksen
danceallover.dk - Dance All Over - Graasten
danish-newliners.dk - Danish-Newliners
dansklinedance.dk - Dansk Line Dance
dirty-boots.dk - Dirty-Boots Linedancers
dklinedance.com - Danish Linedance Classic
fjordholmens-linedancers.dk - Fjordholmens Line Dancers
foreverdancing.dk - Forever Dancing
freeliners.dk - Freeliners
grevedc.dk - Greve Dance Center
gunslingers.dk - Gunslingers SCG
hobrogf.dk - Hobro Gymnastikforening
hotandsweet.dk - Hot And Sweet
kattegatwesterndance.dk - Kattegat Western Dance
linedance.dk - Aalborgs dynamiske dansecenter
linedance-kalender.dk - Linedance-Kalender
linedancekjoler.dk - Linedancekjoler
linedancers.dk - Helsinge Linedancers - Laila og Max Ølsted
thelinedanceway.dk - The Line Dance Way
linedanze.dk - linedance i Århus
lndance.dk - LN Dance (this club overlaps into Sweden)
love-to-dance.dk - Love-to-Dance Denmark
Lunatic-Cowboys.dk - Lunatic Cowboys
midtjysklinedance.skysite.dk - Midtjysk Linedance
oldtown.dk - Old Town Dancers (Aarhus)
mccoy.dk - The Real McCoy Line Dancers (Vamdrup)
sunshine-cowgirl-linedance.dk - Marie Sørensen "Sunshine Cowgirl"
susannemose.dk - Susanne Mose
svendborglinedancers.dk - Svendborg Line Dancers Boots
tineslinedancer.dk - Tines Linedancer
theoutlaws.dk - The Outlaws
westerbro-linedance.dk - Westerbro-Linedance (Copenhagen)
westernline.dk - Western Line
wildhorse.dk - Ballerup Wildhorse Linedancers
wildwestlinedance.dk - Wild West Line Dance

 ESTONIA / Eesti Vabariik - line dancing in Estonia   13 links checked ok June 2012
  estonianlinedance.com - Estonian Line Dancing (eesti linetantsu)
foorum.estonianlinedance.com - Foorum for Estonian line dancing; eesti linetantsufoorum
hot.ee/kantritants - Saaremaa Linedance
hot.ee/redhotristi - Red Hot Risti
jyrilinedance.pri.ee - Jüri Linedance
kajalinedance.com - Kaja Linedance
keila.ee/~andrus/cld - Andrus
noorusemaja.ee - Nooruse Maja (Parnu)
sakulinedance.com - Saku Linedancers (Saku Linetantsu Klubi)
sassitalu.com - Sassi Talu
turbalinedance.webs.com - Turba Linedance
valgalinedance.ee - Valga Country Dancers
web.zone.ee/elvalinedance - Elva Line Dance

 FINLAND / Suomi / Suomen tasavalta - line dancing in Finland   28 links checked ok June 2012
  bearcitydancers.fi - BearCity Dancers - Pori, Björneborg
boomingboots.fi - Booming Boots - Lohtaja
botnia.org/wck - West Coast Kickers - Vaasa
capitalheels.fi - Capital Heels - Helsinki
cdk.suntuubi.com - Country Dancers Kotka ry
countryheelsntoes.com - Country Heels & Toes
countrylines.fi - Country Lines - Jorma Leitzinger - Helsinki
countrytanssinohjaajat.com - SRO - Suomen Rivitanssinohjaajat ry
dancingfools.fi - Dancing Fools
desperadolinedancers.com - Desperado Line Dancers - Abo
hfinwdc.com - Dancing Eagles - Korsholm
flyingboots.suntuubi.com - Flying Boots
grainville.net - Grainville Line Dancers ry - Jyväskylä
kase.fi/~kantri - Perhonjokilaakson kantritanssijat - Country Mix - Kaustinen-Veteli
korpikantri.nettisivu.org - Korpikantri ry Kuusamo
kotinet.com/maritta.nikupaavo/esittely.html - Kalajoki Line Dance
merilapincountry.net - Meri Lapin Country - Kemi
napapiirinkantri.suntuubi.com - Napapiirin Kantri Rovaniemi
nhcd.fi - NHCD North-Hill Country Dancers - Oulu
oulaistenkantri.webs.com - Oulaisten kantritanssijat ry
personal.inet.fi/clan/yeehaw - Yeehaw Line Dancers - Elimäki
saunalahti.fi/pld - Pirkanmaan Linedancers
shutupanddance.fi - Dance A Way - Helsinki
southcoastdancers.com - South Coast Dancers
netti.nic.fi/~nhcd - North-Hill Country Dancers - Oulu
teamuniquevision.com - Team Unique Vision
waudeapples.fi - Wau De Apples - Lohja
westerndancers.fi - Western Dancers - Helsinki

 FRANCE - danse en ligne en France   12 links checked ok June 2012
  country-bears.com - Country Bears - Trix & Harry-Gion Flepp (Saint Loubouer)
carolles-country.com - Carolles Country Line Dancing
country-france.com - general information
countryarches88.skyblog.com - La country dans les Vosges (Arches) BLOG
countrydancecompany.com - Country Dance Company (Cessy)
countryenalsace.fr - La Country en Alsace (Les Lucky Dancers)
luckydancers.skyrock.com - Les Lucky Dancers d'Obersaasheim
massalia-bluestar.com - Massalia Blue Star (Marseille)
movinline.fr - Movin' Line - Michèle Godard
honkytonkpessacclub.fr - Honky Tonk Pessac Club
speedirene.com - Speed Irene - Irene Cousin - danses en francais
tmdancecountry.com - TM DANCE Country St Médard en Jalles - Gironde

 GERMANY / Deutschland - linedancegruppen in Germany   47 links checked ok June 2012
  7city-rebels.de - 7City Rebels
adler-enrico.com - Enrico Adler
bald-eagle.de - Bald Eagle Line Dancers - includes a large archive of linedances in German
bootscooters.de - Bootscooters
burningboots.de - Burning Boots
citystompers.de - TSV Line Dance City Stompers e.V. - Henstedt-Ulzburg
country-club-isenstedt.de - Country Club Isenstedt
country-rose-dancers.com - Country Rose Dancers
countryblend.de - Country Blend
countrydancefamilyrudolstadt.de - Country Dance Family Rudolstadt
countryland.de - Countryland - includes many links to other German clubs
crazyboots.de - Crazy Boots
crazylegs-linedancer.de - Crazy Legs Linedancer - Munich
dance-at-berlin-open.de - Berlin Open, the German Country Dance Championship event
dancing-devils-schaumburg.de - Dancing Devils Schaumburg
djjackyd.de - DJ Jacky D
dolphindancer.repage4.de - Löhner Dolphin Dancer
elbvalleys.elbvalley-dancers-dresden.de - Elbvalley Dancers Dresden - Christa Tranzschel
falcon-lake-line-dancer.de - Falcon Lake Line Dancer
flyinghorse-showdancer.de - Flying Horse Show Dancer
fortyfours.de - Die Forty Fours Sindelfingen
free-dancer.de - Free Dancer 7
get-in-line.de - Get In Line - Rainer Junck
grapeviners.de Grapeviners - Berlin - Tegel
green-haardt-dancers-web.de - Green Haardt Dancers - Ulrich Monse (Rhineland Palatinate)
hot-potatoe-stompers.de - Hot Potatoe Stompers Bayreuth
jolly-jumpers-linedancer.de.tl - Jolly Jumpers
incahoots.de - InCahoots - Berlin
line-fire.de - Berlin Line Fire
line-dance-kiel.de - Country and Western Line Dance Gruppe Kiel
linedancecrazy.de - Line Dance Crazy - lots of links to other sites
linedancestompers.de - Linedance Stompers - large archive of stepsheets, line dance videos
linedancevideo.de - Line Dance Lern DVD Shop
living-linedance.de - Living Line Dance magazine
luckystarlinedance.de - Lucky Star Line Dance Nordhorn e.V.
munich-lads.de - Munich Lads
nlda.de - Nashville Line Dancers Aalen (NLDA) - Oskar Kolb
old-stuff.de - Old Stuff - The Line Dance Factory
paradise-of-horses.at - Paradise Of Horses
small-town-line-dancer.de - Small Town Line Dancer E.V.
smoking-boots-liners.de - Smoking Boots Liners - Olaf Maus (Nordschwarzwald)
stompin-boots.de - Stompin`Boots
the-border-line-dancers.de - The Border Line Dancers
the-flying-eagles.de - The Flying Eagles - Michael Germer (Landkreis FFB)
tapping-toes.de.tl - Toe Tapping Line Dancers (Mittenwald)
tnru.de - The Nightlife Round Up
tornadofiredancer.de.vu - Tornado-Fire-Dancer Cottbus

 GIBRALTAR - line dancing in Gibraltar   1 link checked ok June 2012
  andalucia.com/calendar/gibraltar.htm - calendar showing Wednesday line dance class

  HONG KONG - for line dancing in Hong Kong please see China

 HUNGARY / Magyarország /Magyar Köztársaság - linedancing in Hungary   10 links checked ok June 2012
  apple-linedance.atw.hu - Apple Country Club
gamblers-ld.eu - Gamblers Linedancers
linedance.hu/footloose - Footloose Linedance Club
luckybulls.hu - Lucky Bulls Linedance Club
network.hu/cowboyup - Cowboy Up - Görög Csaba (Budapest)
riverlinedancers.co.cc - River Linedancers
sixrebels.hu - Six Rebels
szlk.gportal.hu - Szeged Linedance Klub
westernlinedance.uw.hu - Western Linedance
wildbuffalo.hu - Wild Buffalo Linedance (YouTube channel)

 ICELAND / Ísland- linedancing in Iceland   1 link checked ok June 2012

 IRELAND / Éire / Irish Free State- line dancing in Ireland   5 links checked ok June 2012
  claiwebsite.angelfire.com - Linedance Association of Ireland (C.L.A.I)
dancefit.ie - DanceFit - Lisa Mooney
linedanceireland.ie - Line Dance Ireland - Helen Conroy Noonan
kilkennyrodeocats.com/ - Rodeo Cats (Kilkenny) - Ray Cahill
wdaoi.com - WDAI - Western Dance Association of Ireland

 ISRAEL / Medinat Yisra'el - line dancing in Israel   1 link checked ok June 2012
  linedancing.biz - Step-In Line - Sandy Leigh

 ITALY / Italia / Repubblica Italiana - linedancing in Italy   10 links checked ok Oct. 2015
  chaltronesoriginalcountry.com - Chaltrones OriginalCountry A.S.D. (Gorla Minore VA)
compagniecountrydancevda.com - Compagnie Country Dance Vallée d'Aoste (Valle d'Aosta)
countryfever.it - Country Fever Line Dancers (Alessandria)
countrymusicnetwork.it - Country Music Network (Lombardia)
countrystorm.it - Country Storm (Padova)
gowestlinedance.it - Go West line dance (Rome, Roma)
italiacountry.it - ItaliaCountry (Trento)
sdds.it - Country S.D.D.S. (Val D'Aosta)
urbancountrydance.com - Urban Country - Flavio Pallaro (Padua, Padova)
wildangels.it - Wild Angels (Reggio Emilia & Modena)

 JAPAN - line dancing in Japan   9 links checked ok June 2012
  aa.alles.or.jp/~yaoko - Higehachi no Sekai - Yaoko-san
acwda.org - ACWDA
country-dance.com/English/e-frame.html - Happy Country Dancing - Hiro Suzuki (Tokyo)
crazyfeet.x0.com - Nagoya Crazy Feet - Martha Ogasawara (Nagoya)
jlda.net/index.html - Japan Line Dance Association
dancingtexas.com - Dancing Texas - Grace Natsuko
jttk.zaq.ne.jp/meeco - Meeko Muraguchi (Kawanishi)
kooldance.fan-site.net - Club HOWDY Country Dancers - Setsuko (Lily) Iizuka
www2t.biglobe.ne.jp/~BokerTov/country_dance - BokerTov Boots & Hat

 LATVIA / Latvijas - line dancing in Latvia   4 links checked ok June 2012
  freewebs.com/linijdeja - Wild Dance
jautriez.lv/en - Jautrie zabacini ("Crazy Boots") - Irita Rumbeniece (not current)
linedance.balticom.lv - Deju klubs JITTERBUG (Jitterbug Line Dance Club) - Dzintra Rozite
linedance.lv/index.php?q=jaunumi - Kickin' Stars

 LIECHTENSTEIN - line dancing in Liechtenstein   1 link checked ok June 2012
  crazy-devil.li - Crazy Devil Linedancer (Liechtenstein/Schweiz)

 LITHUANIA / Lietuvos - line dancing in Lithuania   1 link checked ok June 2012
  linedance.lt - Titulinis

 LUXEMBOURG / Luxemburg / Lëtzebuerg - line dancing in Luxembourg   1 link checked ok June 2012
  north-dancers.npage.de - North Country Dancers

  MAJORCA / Mallorca- for line dancing in Majorca - please see SPAIN

 MALAYSIA - linedancing in Malaysia   10 links checked ok June 2012
  allabtld.blogspot.ca - All About Malaysia Linedancing
beedagautier.blogspot.com - KK Line Dancers (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
dosdanceonstudio.blogspot.ca - DOS Dance On Studio
jldiong.blogspot.ca - JL Line Danz
jnslinedancer.blogspot.ca - JnS Linedancer
lklinedance.blogspot.ca - LK LineDanz
kennyteho.spaces.live.com - Kenny Teh (Taiping, Perak)
malaysianlinedancegroups.blogspot.ca - Malaysian Line Dance Groups
sjlinedancer.blogspot.ca - SJ Linedancers
vrlinedancers.blogspot.ca - Do Hill Linedance Group

 The NETHERLANDS / Nederland - where to line dance in The Netherlands   136 links checked ok June 2012
  Country linedans, line-dance, verslagen, dansen, muziek, evenementen, kampioenschappen:
  amazingeagles.nl - Amazing Eagles - Lelystad
amsterdamamigos.blogspot.ca - Amsterdam Amigos (gay)
appaloosadancers.nl - Appaloosadancers - Swifterband
arizonagroningen.tripod.com - Arizona Dancers - Musselkanaal
arizonarednecks.nl - Arizona Rednecks - Lelystad
blacklonghorn.nl - The Black Longhorn - Lieshout
bluemountaincountrydancers.nl - Blue Mountain country dancers - Hoorn
blackstonecountrydancers.nl - Blackstone country dancers - Helmond
borncountry.eu - Born country line dancers - Maartensdijk
bpcountrydancers.nl - The Black Purple country dancers - Papendrecht
brigittescountryclub.tripod.com - Brigitte country club Den Haag
bscd.nl - Black Star country dancers - Apeldoorn
bullitcountry.nl - Bullit Country (reference page)
cbd.danst.nl - Country Border Dancers - Wilhelminaoord
ccld.nl - Country Coast Line Dancers - Oost-Souburg
clasienslinedancers.come2me.nl - Clasiens Line Dancers
clc-riogrande.nl - Rio Grande Country & Linedanceclub - Twello
come.to/rmcd - Rocky Mountain Country Dancers - Didam
commoncountrydancers.nl - The Common Country Dancers - Achterveld
communities.zeelandnet.nl/data/white_feather - The White Feather Dancers - Scharedijke
corinascountrydancers.nl - Corina's Country Dancers - Nederweert-eind
country-wcd.com - Warnsveldse Country Dancers
country4all.eu/clubs/drenthe.htm - Country 4all - reference pafe for dance clubs in The Netherlands by region: Drenthe, Flevoland, Freisland, Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg, N.Brabant, N.Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht, Z.Holland, Zeeland
countryclubrcwd.nl - Western River City Dancers - Deventer
countrydamai.magix.net/website#0 - Hillbilly Country Dancers - Den Helder
countryline-veenlust.nl - Country line dancers - Veenlust
dansgroepoutofline.nl - Out Of Line - Zwolle
decripplecreeklinedancers.nl - Cripple Creek line dancers - Braamt
dcwda.nl - Dutch Country Western Dance Association
dcwdc.nl - Dutch Line Dance Club - Eindhoven
duketownlinedancers.nl - Duke Town Line Dancers - Cafe-zaal Kerkzicht, Nuland
durangolinedancers.nl - Durango Line and Show Dancers - Darp
dustyboots.nl - Dusty Boots Linedancers - Apeldoorn
dutchnewliners.come2me.nl - Dutch Newliners - Bergharen
eaglecountrydancers.nl - Eagle Country Dancers - Zeeland
eastsidecitylinedancers.nl - East Side City Linedancers (Helmond)
eindhoven-stetsons.nl - The Eindhoven Stetsons - Eindhoven (gay)
esmeralda-dancers.com - Esmeralda Dancers (Didem-Arnhem)
evcd.nl - East Valley Country Dancers Doetinchem
fairsquare.nl- Fair & Square Line dancers - Oosterbierum
feel-free-countrydancers.nl - The Feel Free Country Dancers Lisse/Lisserbroek
feelfreewk.tripod.com - The Feel Free Country Dancers Den Haag
franciensittrop.nl - Dance Fun - Francien Sittrop
freewebs.com/vodagh - Black Shadow Country Dancers - Helden
funnyboots.nl - Funny Boots Country Dancers - Rotterdam
gccd.nl - Grand Canyon Country dancers - Asten
goldengirll.multiply.com - Goldengirls Country Site
goldenpistols.com - Golden Pistols Country Dancers - Oud Gastel & Hoeven
hhld.nl - Hooghuys Rocksteppers - Eerde
home.hccnet.nl/ceesvandijk - Peewee`s Dynamic Dancecenter - Tilburg
home.kpn.nl/tonjesp - Playground Country Dancers - Amersfoort
home.kabelfoon.nl/~chc - Chris Collignon - Schiedam
home.planet.nl/~drift093 - Double K.K. - Den Haag
home.telfort.nl/~sh134807-t - Power of Love, 's-Hertogenbosch
hop.to/greenvalley - Green Valley Country Dancers - Didam
jcld.nl - Fledderus' Line Dance "JCLD" - Delft
josemiguel.nl - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
jukeboxjunkie.nl - J.J. Dancers - Veenendaal
kickinaces.nl - Kickin' Aces Country Line Dancers - Vlagtwedde
kokopellidancers.multiply.com - Kokopelli Country Dancers - Amsterdam
landslakelinedancers.come2me.nl - Landslake Line Dancers
lcld.nl - Leidse Country Line Dancers
leakinboots.nl - The Leakin' Boots - Culemborg
linedance-anita.startbewijs.nl - Linedance-anita (reference site)
linedance.punt.nl - The Rainbow Dancers - Almere
linedancepiet.nl - LineDancePiet - Piet Meulendijks
locomotion-linedancers.nl - Locomotion Linedancers - Haaksbergen
maastrichtsecountrydancers.nl - Maastrichtse Country Dancers - Maastricht
mapleleaflinedancers.nl - The Maple Leaf Country Dancers - Tilburg & Nuland
members.chello.nl/p.vdwende - Gumtree Country - Peter van der Wende
members.fortunecity.com - Country Border Dancers - with large list of line dance clubs in Netherlands, some without websites
members.home.nl/black.wolf - Black Wolf linedancers - Zuidlaren
members.home.nl/deelstra - North Hill Country Dancers - Franeker
members.home.nl/dustyboots - Dusty Boots Country Dancers - Uden
members.home.nl/gemma.loves - Dancing-Fools - Glanerbrug
members.home.nl/oregontraildancecomp - Oregon Trail Dance Company - Weert
members.home.nl/therenegades - The Renegade's Kerkrade
members.multimania.nl/country5/index.htm - "Texas Line Dancing Naarden"
members.multimania.nl/dancecountryline - Sjaans Country Friends - Rotterdam
members.multimania.nl/fcld - Flakkeese Country Line Dancers
members.multimania.nl/mdbobl - Country Dancers 't Gors - Oud Beijerland
members.multimania.nl/redbandana - Red Bandana Country Dancers - Rotterdam
members.multimania.nl/theoutlaws - "The Outlaws Rotterdam"
members.multimania.nl/wilvanzutphen/aussie-trail.html - The Aussie Trail Dancers Montfoort
members.multimania.nl/wesleyw82/index2.html - Sunday Country Line Dancers - Rotterdam
members.quicknet.nl/et.dijke - The New Deep Country Dancers - Den Helder
members.quicknet.nl/hjgderoos - The North - West Country Dancers - Petten
millcorners.nl - Mill Corner Line Dancers - Molenhoek
mistymountaindancers.nl - Misty Mountain Dancers - Heeswijk
nccd.nl - The Northern Comfort Country Dancers Julianadorp
north-hillcountrydancers.nl - North-Hill Country Dancers
people.zeelandnet.nl/fvanwaes/seahorse.htm - Seahorse Country Dancers Oostburg
pi8rwd.nl/northill - North Hill Country Dancers - Dokkum
posselinedancers.com - Posse LineDancers Krommenie
rainbowlinedancers.nl - de Rainbow Linedancers - Rotterdam
redbandana.jouwweb.nl - Red Bandana Country Dancers - Rotterdam
redneckszuidplas.nl - Rednecks Country Line Dancers and Gold Springs Country Dancers
redvillage.hyves.nl - Red Village dancers - Delft
rivervalleydancers.nl - River Valley Dancers - Notter
rohawks.nl - RoHawks Country Dancers - Jonkersvaart & Rottervalle
rosevalleycountryclub.nl - Rose Valley Country Club - Roosendaal
round-up.8k.com/ - Round Up - Swifterband
royverdonk.com - Roy Verdonk - Den Haag
scdf.nl - Stichting Country Dance Foundation - includes dance archive, glossary
schuilhoek-line-dancers.tk - Schuilhoek Line Dancers - Heemskerk
sctcd.nl - Stichting Cheese Town Country Dancers - Alkmaar
silvereagles.nl - Silver Eagles Country Dancers - Nijmegen
silvermoondancersbreda.nl - Silver Moon Dancers - Wagenberg
southern-marshalls.com - Southern-Marshalls Country Dancers - Bunde
springvalleylinedancers.come2me.nl - Spring Valley Line Dancers - Veghel
starlight-country.nl - Starlight Country - country dance events, artists, newsletter
stetsons.nl - The Amsterdam Stetsons (gay)
tbb-linedance.nl - Stichting TBB Society Country Line Dance - Mijdrecht, Nieuwkoop, Vinkeveen
the-goldeneagle-linedancers.nl - Golden Eagle Country & Western Line Dancers
the-graceland.nl - The Graceland - Bodegraven
the-outlaws.tk - The Outlaws - Ruinen
the-railroaddancers.nl - Railroaddancers - Havelte
the-renegades.nl - The Renegades
the-stars.nl - The Stars - Groesbeek
thebarndancers.nl/?show=dansevenementen - The Barn country dancers - Den Bosch
thebroncos.tk - The Bronco's - Kerkrade
thebroncoriders.dse.nl - The Bronco Riders - Eindhoven
thejustenjoydancers.nl - The Just Enjoy Dancers - Spijkenisse
therealcountrydancers.tk - Real Country Dancers - Echt
therebels.come2me.nl - The Rebels Rotterdam
thesilvermoondancers.nl - Silver Moon Dancers - Landgraaf
thesunshinedancers.nl - The Sunshine Dancers - Amsterdam
tennesseelinedancers.com - Tennessee Line Dancers
texaslinedancers.nl - Texas Line Dancers - Almere
travellinghat.nl - The Travelling Hat Country Dancers - Helmond
tommickers.com - Tom Mickers
viandi.nl - Viandi Line Dancers - Den Haag
wbos.nl - DoubleYouB Line Dancers - Wil Bos - Eindhoven
wchld.nl - West Corner Heartbreak Linedancers -Klundert
wobblingdancers.com - The Wobbling Dancers - Epe

 NEW ZEALAND - linedancing in New Zealand   13 links checked ok June 2012
  cathedralcitylinedancers.co.nz - Cathedral City Line Dancers - Mary Stanley-Shepherd
cookstraitlinedancers.webs.com - Cook Strait Line Dancers - Judy Pore
dancingkiwi.webs.com - Dancing Kiwi - New Zealand Line Dance Choreography (archive)
equise.com/dir/bizlist/ldlessons-ni.htm - Equise - North Island Instructors (classes, contacts, links)
equise.com/dir/bizlist/ldlessons-si.htm - Equise - South Island Instructors (classes, contacts, links)
felicitysdancingline.co.nz - Felicity's Line Dancing
freewebs.com/kiwiyeti - Otahuhu Bootscooters - Andrew Blackwood
linedance.co.nz - Line Dancing in New Zealand - instructors, classes, maps
nzlinedance.com - Line Dancing Kiwi Style - Lance Marr
simplesite.com/farnorthfootfiddlers - Far North Foot Fiddlers Inc - Jennifer Hobson
southsidersnz.com - Southsiders - DJ Crazybear
thebeat.co.nz - The Beat magazine
winecountrylinedancers.webs.com - Wine Country Linedancers - Janeen Kenny

  NORTHERN IRELAND - for line dancing in Northern Ireland please see United Kingdom

 NORWAY / Norge - Linker Norske Klubber og Dansegrupper   13 links checked ok June 2012
  danzfanz.no - Danz Fanz
dizzyland.no/web - Dizzyland Linedancers
home.c2i.net/mone - Aust-Agder Linedancers
home.online.no/~nohrdata/SLDC.html - Skreien Line Dance Club
kelli.no - Kickin' With Kelli - Kelli Haugen
kristiansandlinedancers.no - Kristiansand Linedancers
leknes-linedance.com - Leknes-linedance Lofoten
linedance-i-valdres.com - Valdres Kåbbåy Klubb
nesoddendans.com - Nesodden danse- og Linedanceklubb
skedsmowesternclub.com - Skedsmo Western Club
trondelag-danseklubb.no - Trøndelag Danseklubb
wcl.nu - Wermlands Country Linedancers
western-entertainment.no - Western Line Dancers

 POLAND / Polska - linedancing in Poland   3 links checked ok June 2012
  country.wortale.net/95-DANCING-RIDERS-8211zespol-tanca-country-z-Warszawy.html - Dancing Riders
country.wortale.net/96-DIXIE-ROSE---zespol-tanca-country-z-Warszawy.html - Dixie Rose
dixierose.pl - Dixie Rose

 SINGAPORE / Singapura- linedancing in Singapore   10 links checked ok June 2012
  broncobeat.net - BroncoBeat - Philip Tan
cldas.com - Country Line Dance Association of Singapore
dancesingapore.com - Dance Singapore
edancezone.com - Tennessee Tornadoes - Vincent Chia
freewebs.com/justdanz - Silver Spurs/JustDanz - Helen Loh, T. Kasuya
linedance.multiply.com - Rhoda Lai's Line and Ballroom Dance Site
linedancesociety.com - LineDance Society Singapore
souldancerssg.blogspot.com - Souldancers - Sobrielo Philip Gene
web.singnet.com.sg/~pgbnhg/linedance.htm - Wild Kickers & Stompers
yipee.sg - Yipee - Peter Ng and Lim Ee Lin

 SLOVENIA- linedancing in Slovenia   2 links added July 2015
  linera.si - Linera line dance group - Bled Line Dance Festival - Bled
linerafest.com - Linerafest Line Dance Festival - Bled

 SOUTH AFRICA / Suid-Afrika- linedancing in South Africa   5 links checked ok June 2012
  beeline.failsafe.co.za - Bee Line - Belinda Hellerle - includes a forum
comedancing.co.za/classes-linedance.html - Come Dancing
linedancers.co.za - Line Dancing by the Rodeo Girls - Lientjie Bayman
linedancing.co.za - Mavericks Line Dancing School (Gauteng)
sadtakzn.co.za/line_dancing.html - Sadta KZN - line dancing classes in KZN

 SPAIN / España - linedancing in Spain, Canary Islands & Majorca. Gibraltar is listed above.  9 links checked June 2012
  ballscountry.com - Balls Country
country-jukebox.com - Country Jukebox - Cinta Larrotcha
countrylandia.com - Countrilandia Spanish Honky Tonk Bar Assoc.
line-dance.blogspot.com - Linedance CAT (Catalonia)
linedance.europeancma.com - Country & Line Dance Association of Spain (Asociación de Baile Country y Line Dance de España)
linedance-spain.com - Line Dance Spain (formerly Cities-In-Line and linedance-association.com) - Spanish Line Dance Association with step sheets en Español . A newsletter is offered
nesslinedancer.es - Nesslinedancer
rafelcorbi.europeancma.com - Balls Country - Rafel Corbi
steven-towers.blogspot.com - Steven J. Towers line dancing (Tenerife, Canary Islands)

 SWEDEN /Sverige - where to linedance in Sweden   169 links checked ok June 2012
  abrandnewline.webs.com - A Brand New Line Linedance
absolutelinedancers.nu - Absolute Line Dancers (Åhus)
ajld.se - Alvesta Junction Linedance
alltogethernow.nu - All Together Now (Boden)
hanchorfeet.se - Anchorfeet Hamboringens Linedancers ( Karlskrona)
appeljack.se - Appeljack Line Dancers (Botkyrka)
arvidsjaurcountrykickers.blogg.se - Arvidsjaur Country Kickers
astustompers.nu - Astu Stompers Linedance Gotland - Yvonne Stanius
avestadansklubb.se - Avesta Dansklubb
bestofthewestlinedancers.se - Best Of The West Line Dancers (Stenungsund)
blackcreek.se - Black Creek Superstar, Mjölby
boothill-linedancers.se - Boothill linedancers (Staffanstorp, Lund)
bootstompers.se - Bootstompers (Umeå)
btll.se - Between the Lines Linedance Klippan (Fritte och Jossan)
burninheels.com - Burnin Heels (Umeå)
burnvalley.se - Swedala Burn Valley Line Dancers
busyboots.se - Busy Boots WD (Halmstad/Hasslöv/Ängelholm)
candanzalinedancers.se - Candanza Linedancers (Skövde)
carinaklaar.dinstudio.se - Carinas Linedancers (Tidaholm)
citylinedancers.se - City Linedancers - Kristianstad
cldt.dinstudio.se - CLDT The Country Line Dance Team (Skurup)
cnld.just.nu - Cloud 9 Linedancers (Höganäs)
countrobicclub.se - Countrobic Club Linedancers (Malmö)
cortina-line.webb.se - Cortina Line (Falkenberg)
countrycowboys.se - Country Cowboys (Växjö)
countryroad22.se - Country Road 22 (Solhem)
cowboysandangels.se - Cowboys & Angels (Jönköping)
come.to/crazyflutters - Crazy Flutters Sqr.Dance Club (includes linedancing)
coppermine-kickers.se/wp - Coppermine Kickers (Falun/Borlänge)
countrobicclub.se - Controbic Club Linedancers (Malmö)
crazy-legs.se - Crazy Legs Linedancers (Staffanstorp)
crazyboots.se - Crazy Boots (Bålsta)
crazycat.nu - Crazy Cats (Stockholm - Kallhäll)
crazyfeets.se - Crazy Feet's (Köping)
crazylegs.nu - Crazy Legs Line Dance (Robertsfors)
crazystompers.se - Crazy Stompers (Alvesta)
crystaldancers.se - Crystal Dancers Nybro
dackebygden.se - Dackebygden Linedancers (Åseda)
danceinline.se - Dance In Line (Stockholm - Upplands Väsby)
dansairad.nu - Dansairad (Skutskär)
dansairad.nu/crazylegs - Crazy Legs Linedancers (Hudiksvall)
dixie1.se - Dixie's Linedance (Smygehamn)
double-trouble.se - Double Trouble (Forshaga/Fagerås/Elofsrud)
eaglekickers.se - Eaglekickers Linedance Club (Örnsköldsvik)
efld.se - Eastfield's Linedancers (Österåker)
enaline.se - Ena Linedancers (Enköping)
evaslinedance.dinstudio.se - Eva's Linedance
evilgang.se - Evil Gang Linedancers (Lomma)
fallinline.se - Fall in Line (Trollhättan)
fancyfeet.se - Fancy Feet (Värnamo)
fcld.se - Fristad Country Line Dancers
folkdansringen.se/motala - Fun Foot In Line (Motala)
freewebs.com/blackriverld - Black River Linedancers (Örebro)
freewebs.com/hotbootslindesberg - Hot Boots (Lindesberg)
freewebs.com/walk-in-line - Walk In Line (Fjälkinge)
freewebs.com/westriverlinedance - West River Linedance, Borås
friendshipld.webs.com - Friendship Linedancers (Jönköping)
friendsinline.se - Friends In Line (Uppsala)
fun-liners.se - Fun Liners Linedancing (Hässleholm)
getinline.se - Get In Line (Kristinehamn)
gtfof.skelleftea.org - Gold Town Feet Of Fire (Skellefteå)
hacienda.dinstudio.se - Haciendan
happyfeetlinedancers.se - Happyfeet Linedancers (Uppsala)
hdalinedance.blogg.se - Hedemora Linedance
heelhooklinedancers.wordpress.com - Heel Hook Linedancers (Vara)
hem.passagen.se/gfgnistan - Wildcats (Slättåkra)
hem.passagen.se/imelda - Linedance 'n' Smile, Halmstad
hem.passagen.se/oskarline - Oskarshamn Linedancers
hem.passagen.se/taljelinedancers - Tälje Linedancers (Södertälje)
hgd.se - Highland Grand Dancers (Vetlanda)
hipswingers.se - Whowalley Hipswingers (Vemdalen)
hitdafloor.se - Hit Da Floor Linedancers (Farsta)
hsld.se - HSLD - Horse Show Line Dance (Mullsjö, Smålands)
ifk-boras.se IFK Borås
jamtlinedancers.se - Jamtline Dancers (Östersund)
just4funlinedancers.se - Just 4 Fun Linedancers (Västerås)
kandylinedancing.se - Kandy Linedancing Hälsar er Välkomna
kickingbulls.se - The Kicking Bull Linedancers (Lidköping)
kingcreekkickers.se - King Creek Kickers (Gävle)
kungsbackadansklubb.nu - Kungsbacka Dansklubb
kvarnliners.5min.se - Kvarnliners (Mjölby)
langshyttanslinedance.weebly.com - Långshyttans Linedance
lasseslada.se - Lasses Lada
lassolinedance.se - Lasso Linedance (Husby)
lawestcoast.se - LA WestCoast LineDancers (Landskrona)
ld-hbg.se - Linedance Helsingborg
linedance.nu - Phloor Phillers (Stockholm)
linedancer.se - Orsa On Line & Horse Kickers
linedanceinorr.com - Linedance i Norr - including Bränna Burnin' Boots, Laponia Linedancers Jokkmokk, Vuollerim Midnight Sun Linedancers, Moonlight Kickers Gällivare, & other clubs listed separately
linedancers.com - Stockholm LineDancers
linedancestudio.se - Global Dancer--Linedance Studio
linedancesweden.dinstudio.se - Line Dance Sweden (Malmö)
lineup4dance.se - LineUp4Dance - Suzanne Borgström, Elisabeth Styrnell( Gothenburg/Göteborg)
lineupclub.nu - Line Up Club (Malmö)
lineupclub.se - Line Up Club (Stockholm)
lineuplinedance.se - Lineup Linedance - Michael Andersson (Göteborg)
linkopinglinedancers.se - Linköping Linedancers (Östergötland)
lizzaninline.com - Lizzan på Linjen (Bräcke)
lostinline.se - 013-Lost In Line (Linköping)
lottaonline.se - Lotta on Line (Sibbhult)
luckyfeet.se - Lucky Feet Linedancers (Västerås)
luckykickers.dinstudio.se - Lucky Kickers Linedance (Helsingborg)
luckyline.se - Lucky Line (Stockholm - Sköndal)
luckylinedancers.se - Lucky Linedancers (Nässjö)
magicstepsihedemora.weebly.com - Magic Steps (Hedemora)
mammamu1.se - MaMa's Linedancing Cm & A (Glimåkra-Önnestad)
mariestadslinedance.com - Mariestad Linedancers Rednecks
medlem.spray.se/irgr - Kiruna Liners
millwalkersnykvarn.se - Millwalkers (Nykvarn)
nilssonslinedance.se - Nilssons Linedance (Hässleholm)
norrteljelinedancers.se - Norrtelje Linedancers
nybrolinedancers.se - Nybro Linedancers
alvsbylinedance.se- Älvsby Linedancegäng
ostkanten.com - Ostkantens Linedancers (Kalmar)
osterlenslinedancers.dinstudio.se - Österlens lindancers (Kalmar)
qdancers.com - Q Dancers (Malmö)
raskinline.se - Rask In Line
razzleboots.snabber.se - Razzle Boots (Sävsjö)
ringlakelinedancers.se - Ring Lake Line Dancers (Hörby-Höör)
rockingboots.se - Rocking Boots (Råneå)
rocknrow.se - Rock n Row Linedance (Uddevalla)
rodeokickers.se - Rodeo Kickers (Luleå)
rokstad.se/linedance.htm - Familjen Wallman
s-o-l.se - Standing Outside Linedancers (Vansbro)
salooncrew.se - Saloon Crew (Malmö)
shsd.nu - SHSD - Somliga Har Sett Dom Linedancers and Squaredancers (Uppsala)
sidebysidenykoping.se - Side By Side Linedance (Nyköping)
silverspurlinedancers.com - Silver Spur Linedancers (Stockholm)
smalltowncowboys.se - Smalltowncowboys, (Östgötanätverket)
smekickers.se - Smé Kickers (Eskilstuna)
snowshufflers.se - Snowshufflers (Idre/Särna)
sodk.se - SalaOrtens DansKlubb
soin.se - SOIN - Spark Of Insanity (Norrköping)
stepnstomp.se - Step n Stomp Kalix Linedancers
stumblinfeet.tk - Stumblin' Feet Linedance Darlarna
sundsvall.stylestudio.se - Style Studio (Sundsvall)
suttecity.se - Sutte City
swivelfeet.se - Swivelfeet Linedancers (Bollnäs)
tcld.se - Trelleborgs Country Line Dancers
texaskickers.zoomin.se - Texas Kickers Svenljunga Linedancers
thepuzzle.info.se - The Puzzle (Mullsjö)
thunderboots.se - Thunderboot Country Dans Club (Sundsvall)
toetapping.se - Toe Tapping Linedancers (Torup)
tombstoneshadow.se - Tombstone Shadow Country & Western Club (Stöde)
tornerivers.com - Torne Rivers (Haparanda)
rananlinedancers.se - Tranan Linedancers (Tranemo)
ullstrumpers.org - Lillpite Ullstrumpers
unicorndancers.se - Unicorn Dancers (Västervik)
urbancowboys.nu - Urban Cowboys (Vittsjö)
ullstrumpers.org - Lillpite Ullstrumpers (Piteå)
upperhall.se/historik.html - Upper Hall Linedancers (Koppom)
vannasvariations.se - Vännäs Variations (Vännäs)
veengle.com/s/Swedish%20Dance%20Council.html - The Swedish Dance Council (Svedala)
vingarockers.se - Vinga Rockers Linedance (Göteborg)
walkaboutlinedancers.se - Walkabout Linedancers (Skillingaryd)
wcl.nu - Wermlands Country Linedancers (Värmland)
westbaycld.se - West Bay Country Line Dancers (Lomma)
westlinefashion.se - West Line Fashion & Linedance (Skene)
weststompers.com - West Stompers Linedance (Fränsta)
wildwestlinedancers.nu - Wild West Linedancers (Uddevalla)
wildwestmaltes.se - Wild West Malte's Wildcats (Halmstad)
wmld.nu - West Mountain Line Dancers (Stockholm - Hägersten)
woodlegs.se - Woodlegs Linedance (Östavall)
wwdsweden.com - Wild West Dancers (Ronneby)
wwld.se - Wild West Line Dance (Sala)
xn--sderhamnsld-rfb.com - Söderhamn Linedancers
yezdance.com - Yezdance.com (Karlstad)
ytown-ld.se - Y'Town Line Dancers (Ystad)
www3.idrottonline.se - Rock You 2 (Katrineholm)

 SWITZERLAND/ La Suisse/ Schweiz/ Svizra - line dancing in Switzerland   18 links checked ok Sep 2013
  ccsensee.ch - Country Club SenSee (Weissensee)
countrycoldesroches.ch - Line Dance Country Club Col-des-Roches
countryriviera.com - Country Riviera Line Dance
cowcountry-rangers.ch - CowCountry Rangers (Corminboeuf)
dav-countrydancegeneva.com - DAV Country Dance (Geneva)
dreamcatchercountrydance.ch - Dreamcatcher Country Dance (Lausanne, etc.)
evolution-gl.ch - Evolution (Glarnerland)
funky-grizzly.com - Funky Grizzly L.D.C. - Urs Ingold (Horgen ZH)
gutz.ch - Trail Dancer - Roland Gutzwiller (Stans) - great collection of scripts
happyboots.ch - Happy Boots (Malley-Lausanne)
hatsnboots.ch - Hats n Boots (Neuchâtel & Corcelles)
highvalley-linedancers.ch - High Valley Line Dancers (Gampel-Steg)
lakeside-linedancing.ch - Lakeside Line Dancing - Maggie Riklin
ncsb.ch - New Country Smokin' Boots (Genève)
risingmoon.ch - Rising Moon CW Dance Club - Marcel Rohrer (Kreuzlingen)
river-island.ch - River Island Country Dancers (Diepoldsau)
rodeoline.ch - Rodeo Line Dancer (Bex)
scwda.ch - Swiss Country Western Dance Association

 TURKEY / Türkiye- where to line dance in Turkey  2 links checked Nov.2013
  linedanceturkiye.com/ - Country Club Line Dancers Turkey
linedanceturkiye.com/line-dance-legends-2014.html Legends of Line Dance event

 UNITED KINGDOM (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) / Britain
     - where to linedance in the UK
   94 links checked ok June 2012
  abombdesign.com/DanceStudio - The Dance Studio - Julie Carr, Colin Carr (Lancashire)
alanbirchall.com - Alan B’s Nuline Dance - Alan Birchall (Greater Manchester & Lancashire)
alanhaywood.co.uk - Alan Haywood
arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk - Arjjaze C/W Dancers - large collection of dances, esp. PARTNER DANCES - Robert & Diane Jackson
bigdavegastap.com/Awesome-Linedancing - Awesome Linedancing Productions
b92.co.uk/ld - Jill McBride - Cowboys after Midnight, Swindon
bearessential.co.uk - Bear Essentials - Shuggie Bear & Doreen (Scotland)
best-of-friends.co.uk - Best Of Friends Line Dance Club - Geoff Ellis (Bradford)
bidds.com - Bidds Country Music Club - Kath & Dave Walton
bigdavegastap.com - Big Dave Gastap
bluegrasslinedancers.com - Bluegrass Line Dancers (Milton Keynes)
bootsandboogie.co.uk - Boots And Boogie Line Dance Club (Bedfordshire)
bootsnblisters.co.uk - Boots N Blisters Line Dance Club - Emma Wilkinson (London)
borderlines.co.uk - Borderlines Dance Club - Peter Flockhart (London)
bwda2000.com - British Western Dance Association 2000 (distinct from b-w-d-a under Organizations)
butelinedance.co.uk - Bute Linedance Festival (Scotland)
calgarystampede.co.uk - Calgary Stampede - Julie & Dave Mott
chrissie-hodgson.com - Chris Hodgson
copperknob.co.uk - Copper Knob - line dance and video archive site
countrydance.co.uk - David Cowling
countryroots.co.uk - Country Roots (Bedford)
dancesheets.co.uk - Dancesheets - Linsey's Linedance Sheets
danceweb.co.uk - John Walton - check "Dance Resources"
danceweb.co.uk/Lassoes_Line_Dance - Lassoes Line Dance - Rob & Pauline Mason
danceweb.co.uk/Scoot'n_Boogie_Line_Dance - Scoot'n Boogie Line Dance Club, Oxford - Sue Johnstone
dancin2nite.co.uk dancin2nite Elaine & Cliff
dancinline.webs.com - Dancinline with Laurel Ingram (Middlesex)
davesheriff.com - Dave Sheriff
deansville.com - Dean Brothers
dixieliners.co.uk - Dixie Liners - Ann & Dave Good
doncasterlinedancing.com - Marionettes Line Dancing (Doncaster)
doublecountry.fsnet.co.uk - Linedancing Links (excellent links list!) - Vic and Carla
dudleynewline.piczo.com - free line dance lessons for kids (West Midlands)
eazystompers.com - East Stompers - Geoff Langford
entsweb.co.uk/dance/line/index.html - Line Dance Bulletin Board
eversoloudly.screaming.net - Bucking Broncos - Ron Kill (includes free teach yourself linedancing page)
freewebs.com/alan-and-sonia - Alan and Sonia's Dance Site
funkycountryuk.co.uk - Funky Country UK
garylafferty.co.uk - Gary Lafferty (Scotland)
grrowler.com - Grrowler's Western Dance - John "Grrowler" Rowell
heroesandvillains.com - Heroes And Villains - Ann Harris & Steve Yoxall
hillsntoes.co.uk - Hills'n'Toes - Hillary Kurt
homepage.ntlworld.com/hhallwdcclub - W.D.C. Tushpushers Cardiff - Hank Hall (Wales)
homepage.ntlworld.com/f.gilbert - SF Country
hot-steppers.co.uk - OnLineDancer
indout96.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk - Indian Outlaws Line Dance (West Yorkshire)
inline4fun.co.uk 3 clubs here: Boots N Blisters, The Katz, The Screaming Eagles
j2step.com - Johnny 2 Step
jbwesterndance.co.uk - JB Western Dance (Westcott, Bucks)
jetsets.talktalk.net - Ian & Jan's Jetsets Linedance
lifesadance.co.uk - Life's A Dance Line Dance Club Surrey - Ron Knott
lindabrooks.co.uk - Yellow Rose Modern Line Dancing, Dorset - Linda and Roy Brooks
linedance.co.uk - Line Dance UK
linedance4all.co.uk - Line Dance 4 All - Charlie Bowring
linedancekrazy.co.uk - Line Dance Krazy - Karen Jones
linedancelessons.com - Line Dance Lessons - instructional videos online
linedancermagazine.com - Linedancer magazine - large script collection and other resources
linedancingevents.com - The Katz Line Dance Club
lynneschapiro.com - Linedancing With Lynne Schapiro
madlizzie.co.uk - Liz Clarke (Scotland)
maggieg.co.uk - Maggie Gallagher
mariecurie.org.uk/daffodildance - Marie Curie Cancer Care annual charity event "Daffodil Dance"
mcaley.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm - Caleys Country - East Anglia listings - Jan & Mark Caley
niceandeasy.20megsfree.com - Nice 'n' Easy Linedancing Club - Mick Hewlett
oklinedancing.co.uk - OK Linedancing- Sarah Williams, Bernard Williams
owzitstart.co.uk - Owzit Start?
pampike.freeserve.co.uk - Linedancing With Pam Pike (Thin Blue Liners in Bushey, Packington Line Dance Club in Islington)
rompinrodeo.co.uk - Rompin' Rodeo - Alan Haywood
route66worthing.co.uk - Route 66 - Margaret & Michael Howarth
rustlerscwdclub.page.tl - The Rustlers CWD Club
sheffieldcityliners.co.uk - Sheffield City Liners
sidewinders-online.co.uk - Sidewinders western line and couples dancing (Southampton)
silver-star-ldc.com - Silver Star LDC (Buckinghamshire, Berkshire)
soladance.co.uk/ - Soladance (Essex)
stepsnstetsons.co.uk - Steps 'n' Stetsons - Julie Myers
stompnstrut.tripod.com - Stomp 'n' Strut - Paulette Hylands
sussexlinedance.tripod.com - Sussex Line Dance, Breakaways Line Dance Club
teresaandvera.co.uk - Teresa and Vera
texandudes.com - Texan Dudes - Lavinia & Mick (Hertfordshire)
thedancefactoryuk.co.uk - The Dance Factory - Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
thestetsons.co.uk - The Stetsons - Jean Jenkins (Midlands)
timezonelinedance.com - Time Zone Line Dance Club (north and east London) - Lesley Michel, Paul Michel
toeintheline.co.uk - Toein' The Line (Bedfordshire)
tulsashuffle.co.uk - Tulsa Shuffle Line Dance Club - Mick Bennett & Wendy Bennett (Leigh-On-Sea, Southend-On-Sea)
upcountrymagazine.co.uk - "Up Country" magazine (hard copy)
vikingcwc.com - member's site for The Viking Club
vikingcwdc.co.uk - Linsey's site for The Viking
waveliners.co.uk - Waveliners - classes in Hertfordshire & Middlesex with Viv
website.lineone.net/~gordon.bds - Let's Go Dancing with Gordon & Glenys
webspawner.com/users/nashnites - Nashville Nites Line Dance Club
westernshowcase.netfirms.com - Western Showcase Linedance - Stephanie Harris-Thomas
westndance.info - West 'N' Dance - Val Self
wild-bill.co.uk - Line Dancing in Warwickshire - Bill McKechnie a.k.a. Wild Bill
worlddancemasters.co.uk - World Dance Masters (includes Masters In Line and Swing Masters)

 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - where to line dance in the USA   242 US links checked ok June 2012
No web sites for linedancers yet, but there are places to line dance in Alabama...
see worldlinedancenewsletter.com
dancinupastorm.com - Karen Hedges (Kansas City, KS-MO)
rebelsandrogues.com - Rebels & Rogues - Larry & Tracey Hamon (St. Louis)
stllinedance.com - St Louis Line Dance
Other places to line dance in Missouri may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
No web sites for linedancers yet, but there are places to line dance in Alaska...
see worldlinedancenewsletter.com
No websites or class info yet.
azbodydance.com - Elysium Dance - Fran Dewar (Tempe/Mesa)
bootscooters.com - Bootscooters Dance Hall - George DeVirgilio (Mesa)
dancelane.com - Dance Lane - Laina Lee (Scottsdale-Tempe-Chandler)
dancemeetsfitness.net - Line Dancing With Carrie
saguarostrutters.com - Saguaro Strutters (Tucson)
tucsondancer.com - Lana Harvey Wilson and Tony Wilson (Tucson)
ucanlinedance.com - U Can Line Dance - Kort Kurdi (Phoenix area)
Other places to line dance in Arizona may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
There is a bar, but their website adds malware to your pc, so I won't list it.
stoneysrockincountry.com - Stoney's Rockin' Country (Las Vegas, NV)
Other places to line dance in Nevada may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
cwdance.com - Raper's Dance Corner - H. Leon Raper
morgans-linedance-mania.org - Morgan's Line Dance Mania - Nancy Morgan
midnightrodeobar.com - Midnight Rodeo Bar (Manchester)
millaround.com - Mill Around (Manchester)
nhgrizzlies.com - Line Dancing Classes by Connie (Litchfield)
onthedancefloor.net - On The Dance Floor (Manchester)
sites.google....linedancemax -Line Dance Max -Ginger Kozlowski (MA-NH)
vj-de.com - V&J Dance & Entertainment (Manchester +)
Other places to line dance in New Hampshire may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
5678fun.com - 5678 Fun - Jody Kravitz, Cathie Lopez (Lakeside/San Diego)
amynfriendslinedance.com - Amy & Friends Line Dance - Amy Oyang (Fremont)
bootsnbucklesdanceclub.com - Boots 'n' Buckles (Fremont)
countrycalendar.com - Country Calendar magazine - Ernie Wheeler (not current)
countryhustlers.com - Country Hustlers Dance Club (Livermore)
countryquicksteppers.org - Country Quicksteppers (Belmont)
DanceAdventures.com - Hedy McAdams (Bay Area)
dancegeek.com - Rob I Ingenthron
dancingmel.com - Mel Branham (Los Angeles area)
doitinlinedancers.com - Do It In Line Dancers - Miss Vickie (Huntington Beach)
dorisvolz.com - Doris Volz (Bay Area)
evelynanddenny.com - Evelyn Khinoo (Bay Area)
henrycosta.freeyellow.com - "Mr. Hopping Mad" Henry Costa (Hayward)
howdoesitstart.com - Southern California Line Dancing - Lou Ann Schemmel (Orange County)
joanprice.com/dance.htm - Joan Price (Santa Rosa/Sebastopol)
KCDouglas.com - KC Douglas (Orange County)
keepondancin.net - Keep On Dancin' - Bob Boesel, Trish Boesel (Saratoga)
lakecountyartscouncil.com - Line Dance with Shari Koch (Lake County)
lehuanet.com/coastsidekickers - Coastside Kickers (Pacfica)
linedancefun.com - Line Dance Fun - Doris Volz (her own classes and many other class listings in the San Francisco Bay Area)
magicdanceproductions.com - Magic Dance Productions (Riverside)
meetup.com/Heide-Ds-Southbay-Dance-Group - Heide D's Southbay Dance Group (San Jose+)
michaelandmichele.com - Boogie Til The Cows Come Home - Michael Barr, Michele Burton (Bay Area)
mikescountrydancing.com - Mike Bendavid (Los Angeles area)
moveinline.com - Move-In-Line - Bracken Ellis Potter (San Diego)
palmspringslinedance.com - Palm Springs LineDance Event - Russ & Gloria Gunn
sdnld.org - San Diego 'N' Line Dancers - Jody Kravitz, incl. listings of the many classes in San Diego County
thedancingcowboy.com The Dancing Cowboy - Adam Herbel (San Jose area)
thedjduke.com - Steppin' Back To Country - Gary Clayton (Hayward area)
wild-horses.us - Wild Horses - Phyllis & Norm Gifford (Sacramento)
wildriderdance.com - Wild Rider Dance Studio (Sacramento)
Other places to line dance in California may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
38step.blogspot.com - 38 Step blog
aline381production.com - 381 Productions - Aline Goodman (PA-NJ-DE) (R&B soul)
broncojim.com - Bronco Jim (NJ-PA-NY)
coloradocafe.com - Colorado Café (Watchung)
countrycorral.org Country Corral (Gibbstown)
countrylinedancing.com - Get Hooked On Dancin' (Piscataway) crosscountrydj.com - Cross Country DJ (southern NJ)
dancingwithpatti.com - Dancing With Patti - Patti Nivens - also on Facebook at Dancing-With-Patti/347248837071
dancininrockaway.com - Dancin' in Rockaway
djmarkcountry.com - DJ Mark Country (New Egypt)
home.comcast...ridgerunnerm - One Step At A Time - Michael & Ann Repko
honkytonkinproductions.org - Honky Tonkin Productions - Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry (Westville)
iamkennyj.com - I Am Kenny J Productions (R&B/soul)
linedancinginphilly.com- Line Dancing In Philly (PA-NJ-DE) (soul)
redhotcountry.com - Red Hot Country - Hot Pepper, DJ Jam
silverspurrs.com - Silver Spurs (Milltown)
timgillisdanceweekends.com - Tim Gillis Dance Weekends
Other places to line dance in New Jersey may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
countrygoldlinedance.com - Country Gold Line Dance (Carlsbad)
Other places to line dance in New Mexico may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
bigappleranch.com - Big Apple Ranch (NYC) (gay)
buffalonydancing.com - Buffalo NY Dancing (west NY area)
buffalonydancing.com/id2.html - Just Country (N. Tonawanda)
buffalonydancing.com/id12.html - Jay's WNY Dancing (Buffalo area)
buffalonydancing.com/id13.html - Dry Gulch (Depew)
buffalonydancing.com/id14.html - Just Dance (Dunkirk +)
dancinrose.com - Dancin Rose (Bayside +)
doublejli.com - Double JJ Dance (Long Island)
jimandgena.com/dance - Line Dance with Gena (Endicott)
johnnymontana.com - Johnny Montana (Johnson City) (not current)
lynnesdancecrew.com - Lynne's Dance Crew (Long Island)
purecountrynyc.com - Pure Country NYC - Rona Kaye (NYC)
steppingeasy.com - Stepping Easy (Long Island)
westernsteppers.com - Joanne Hayden-Wiseman (Brooklyn)
Other places to line dance in New York may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
brookeandcompany.com - Brooke Underbrink
coloradokickin.com - Colorado Country Kickin'
home.earthlink.net/~theherberts - Pikes Peak Line Dancers - Scott & A.J. Herbert (Colorado Springs)
love2linedance.com - Dance Dance Dance (Colorado Springs)
terryhiatt.net - Colorado Country Steps
Other places to line dance in Colorado may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
bryanmcwherter.com - Bryan McWherter
jgmarathon.com - Line Dance Marathon - Jean Garr
l2dance.wordpress.com - Love 2 Dance - Carolyn Robinson (Valdese)
line-dance.com - Line Dance International - Scott Hucks
Other places to line dance in North Carolina may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
caddyranch.com - Cadillac Ranch (Southington)
dnccountry1.freeservers.com - Millie and The Gang - Millie Gagne (E. Hartford)
lynneslines.mysite.com - "Lynne's Lines" - Lynne Flanders (Waterbury area)
mutinyonthedancefloor.com - Mutiny On The Dance Floor - Christopher Petre
vinniesjumpandjive.com Vinnie's Jump And Jive
Other places to line dance in Connecticut may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
No websites, but places to line dance in North Dakota may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
aline381production.com - 381 Productions - Aline Goodman (PA-NJ-DE) (R&B soul)
joannebrady.com - Joanne Brady
linedancinginphilly.com- Line Dancing In Philly (PA-NJ-DE) (soul)
Other places to line dance in Delaware may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
b-linedancers.com - Sandy Goodman (Newbury, Painesville)
clevelandlinedancing.com - Cleveland Line Dancing - Mary Harwood
gmcnow.www5.50megs.com - Country Dancing In Ohio - Herb & Phyllis Riggle (Newark +)
gotlinefever.com - Line Fever and Yellow Rose Dancers (Cincinnati +)
helenandnitalinedancing.com - Helen and Nita's Line Dancing
lakeerielinedancers.com - Lake Erie Line Dancers - Wendy Lorek (Perry)
linedance4life.com - Line Dance 4 Life - Lynne Herman (Central Ohio)
myspace.com/ezlinedance - EZ Line Dance (Avon Lake +)
sites.google...stepbysteplinedance - Step By Step (Bowling Green)
sneakersnspurs.com - Sneakers n Spurs (n.e. Ohio)
udancers.com - UDancers - Dee Blansett (Chardon)
Other places to line dance in Ohio may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
capitalcountry.org - Capital Country (gay)
CountryDancin.com - Capitol Country Dancin' (DC, MD, VA)
remingtonswdc.com - Remingtons (gay)
No web sites for linedancers yet, but there are places to line dance in Oklahoma...
see worldlinedancenewsletter.com
country-time.com - Country-Time.com - Dusty Miller/Gloria Johnson - large site: dance archives, glossary, dance floor etiquette, etc.
clubcountrydance.com/ - Club Country (Ft. Myers)
country-time.com - Dusty Miller & Gloria Johnson - one of the first line dance archives on the net with lots of other good stuff too
cowboysorlando.com - Cowboys (Orlando)
crankitupanddance.com -Crank It Up And Dance -Terri Alexander (Crystal River +)
dancedivaonline.com - Cherie Johnson
funk-n-line.com - Guyton Mundy
gondancin.com - Gon' Dancin' - Kathy Brown
home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-linedancingwithkathy - Line Dance WIth Kathy Heller (Ft. Lauderdale)
linelessons.com - Line Lessons - video instruction of many popular dances - Edie Driscoll (FL)
maxperry.net - Dance Or Die - Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi
onlinedancing.com - OnlineDancing - video instruction - Sandi Brooks
pages.prodigy.net/bill_mcgee - Bill McGee (Orlando)
ritaarnett.com - Rita Arnett (Lake Worth)
roundupcountry.com - Round Up (Davie)
rhythm-in-my-soles.com - Dancin' With Marilyn (Ocala)
spacecoastlinedance.tripod.com - Space Coast Line Dance (Titusville) spreadyourwingsanddance.com - Spread Your Wings - Sandy Albano (Altamonte Springs)
stellacabeca.com - Stella Cabeca (Pompano Beach +)
stepnoutlinedancing.com - Step'n Out - Janis Graves (Orange City/Sanford)
tampalinedanceclassic.com - Tampa Bay Line Dance Classic - Arlene Winerman
Other places to dance in Florida may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
cjscountrydance.com - CJ's Country Dance Instruction - Connie Jo Collins (Portland area)
countrydancer.freeservers.com - Michelle's Website (Portland)
robbiehalvorson.net - Line Up, It's Time To Dance - Robbie Halvorson (Corvallis)
Other places to line dance in Oregon may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
atlantalinedance.com - Atlanta Line Dance - Rose Haven
facebook/Cimarron-Dance-Club - Cimarron Dance Club (Columbus, GA)
myspace/southerninfluenceteam - Southern Influence (Covington)
scooterlee.com - Scooter Lee cd's and others
scottschrank.com - Scott Schrank (Atlanta)
Other places to line dance in Delaware may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
38step.blogspot.com - 38 Step (NJ-PA)
aline381production.com - 381 Productions - Aline Goodman (PA-NJ-DE) (R&B soul)
dare2dance.net - Michael Diven (West Hanover +)
home.supernet.com/~ehoxie - Erin's Country Dancing - Erin Hoxie (Harrisburg)
kickincountryusa.com - Kickin Country (Water Gap)
linedancinginphilly.com- Line Dancing In Philly (PA-NJ-DE) (R&B soul)
linedancingwithgene.com - Line Dancing with Gene (Enola)
poconocowboy.com - Cowboy's Corral - Barb (BarbBoogie) and Dave (Poconocowboy)
soullinedancing.com - Philadelphia R&B/Soul Line Dancing (R&B/soul)
soullinetv.com - Soul Line Review (R&B/soul)
Other line dance classes in Pennsylvania may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
mauipaniolodance.com - Maui Paniolo Dance Association
Other line dance classes in Hawaii may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
galenslatter.com - Galen Slatter (Twin Falls, ID)
r2l2countrydance.com - R2L2 Country Dance (Boise)
thecrossroadsid.com - Pat and Bob Crossman (Post Falls, ID)
Other line dance classes in Idaho may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
Maybe eventually...
chicagocountry.com - Chicago Country, Rockin' Country - Pat Stamer
chicagolinedancing.com - Souffle' Enterprises and Chicago Line Dancing (R&B soul)
countryedge.com - Country Edge - Mark Cosenza
countryplus.org - Country Plus - John & Freida Utzig (South Beloit, IL-WI)
mzgeorgiasplaze.com - Mz. Georgia's Plaze (Chicago) (R&B soul)
nslda.org - Soul Line Dance, Chicago Stepping
saddleupsaloon.com - Saddle Up Saloon (Aurora)
stonecountrysaloon.com - Stone Country Saloon (Bartonville)
Other places to dance in Illinois may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
members.cox.net/stevenf20/index.htm - Steve Falk's Country Western Line Dancing (Providence area)
mishnockbarn.com - The Mishnock Barn - Dan Albro, Kelly Albro (Greenwich)
Other line dance classes in Rhode Island may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.coml
coveredwagononline.com - Covered Wagon (Cannelton)
hillbillyrick.com - Hillbilly Rick Meyers
ritascountrykickers.com - Rita's Country Kickers
Other places to dance in Indiana may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
billandapril.com - Bill and April Bragg (Fort Mill)
carolinaranchhouse.com - Carolina Ranch House (Timmonsville)
dancejunkieusa.com - Dance Junkies (Columbia)
linedancersspringbreak.com - Line Dancers Spring Break (Myrtle Beach)
myspace.com/scclassicsoul - Sandy Thompson (Columbia) (R&B soul)
sc-classicsoul.com - Classic Soul Line Dance (Columbia) (R&B soul)
southerngrooveline.com (CAUTION: Page loads improperly) - Dance While You Can
Other places to dance in South Carolina may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
Come on, Iowans! Join the fun!
heartlanddancing.com - Heartland Dancing - Debbie Ellerton
Other places to dance in South Carolina may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
dancinupastorm.com - Karen Hedges (Kansas City, KS-MO)
sites.google.com/site/knoxdances/Home - Knox Rhine
bootsandbucklesdance.com - Boots And Buckles (Chattanooga)
crystalbootslinedanceclub.com - Crystal Boots (Chattanooga)
djdancing.com - Doug and Jackie Miranda (Sevierville)
Other places to dance in Tennessee may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
mrshowcase.net - John Robinson
Other places to dance in Kentucky may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
bigdbash.com - Big D Bash (Dallas)
danceonusa.com - Dance On (El Paso)
linedancequeen.com - Line Dance Queen (Houston) (R&B soul)
monapuente.com - Mona Puente (Arlington)
rockinredrodeo.com - Rockin Red Rodeo - Nikki Simpson (Farmers Branch)
texas-dancing.com/dance01.htm - Dancin' Deep In The Heart Of Texas (a.k.a. Cactus Star) - huge line dance archive (the first int'l archive) dating from the earliest days to 2009 - Don & Patty Brown
whatadancer.com - Whatadancer - Elsa Campbell (Houston)
dancetexashoedown.com - Texas Hoe-down (Ft. Worth)
Other places to dance in Texas may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
honkytonkstompers.com - Honky Tonk Stompers (New Orleans +)
sandysdance.com - Sandy Tamplin (Shreveport)
Other places to dance in Louisiana may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
utahcountrydance.com/other.html - Southern Utah Country Dance/Club APX - Brian White
Other places to dance in Utah may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
totallinedancers.com - TLD Total Line Dancers - Tina & Irvin Foster (Portland area)
Other places to dance in Maine may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
DancinDean.com - Dance-n-Dean Line Dancing
Other places to dance in Vermont may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
12steppers.110mb.com - 12 Steppers Linedance Group of Baltimore
angelfire.com/nm2/cdexpress - C. D. Express - Nat & Roz Morgan
barrydurand.com/default.htm - Barry Durand (Rockville)
CountryDancin.com - Capitol Country Dancin' (DC, MD, VA)
dottiesdancing.com - Dottie's Dancing (Glen Burnie)
everlutionary.net/rainchild/lyndancnclub/dev - LDC Lyn Dancn Club - Sharon Lynn Holmes (R&B soul)
fredandro.com - Countryside With Fred & Ro (Pasadena)
linercise.com - Linercise - Randy Dennis
myspace/jsldance - Jessies Soul Line Dancing (R&B soul)
shirleyslinedancing.com - Shirley's Line Dancing (Elkton)
Other places to dance in Maryland may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
CountryDancin.com - Capitol Country Dancin' (DC, MD, VA)
ellisstudio.com - Linus Ellis (Yorktown)
gottalinedanceva.com - Olivia Ray (Richmond)
linedancingvirginia.vpweb.com - Line Dancing Virginia (Chesapeake)
thebanque.com - The Banque (Norfolk)
Other places to dance in Virginia may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
billybobs-line-couples-dancing.com - Billy-Bob's (Lawrence)
clubcountry.net - Club Country - Joe Steele (Tewksbury)
danceranchandsaloon.com - Dance Ranch (Worcester)
dldance.homestead.com - DL Dance (Lexington +)
fortyarroyo.com - Forty Arroyo, Fortyliners (Sturbridge)
jkdance.com - Julie Kaufmann (Medford)
lestyn.homestead.com - Lestyn's Studio of Dance (Raynham)
linedanceshowdown.com - Line Dance Showdown
necdc.net - New England Country Dance Club
primeroxy.homestead.com - Gardner-Athol Country Dancers (Gardner)
sites.google...linedancemax -Line Dance Max - Ginger Kozlowski (MA-NH)
Other places to dance in Massachusetts may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
cjscountrydance.com - CJ's Country Dance Instruction - Connie Jo Collins (Vancouver, WA+OR)
DoTheDanceOMT.com - Do The Dance One More Time (Seattle)
funtimelinedancers.org - Funtime Line Dancers (Tacoma)
hdcameron.com - Harvey and Diana's Dance Fun
learn2dance4fun.com - Learn 2 Line Dance 4 Fun - Dave Serfling
raincountrydance.org - Rain Country (Seattle - gay)
Other places to dance in Washington may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
No web sites for linedancers yet, but there are lots of places to linedance in West Virginia... see worldlinedancenewsletter.com
alwaystimetodance.net - Always Time To Dance (Brooklyn)
angelfire.com/mi/birdees - TwoSnowBirds (Petosky)
blackberrycreekdancers.com - Blackberry Creek Dancers - Helen Azelio (Sterling Heights)
ccplusdance.com- Dawn Malek (Clinton Township)
grandriverrenegades.com - Grand River Renegades (Western MI) (gay)
hookedoncountry.tripod.com - Hooked On Country Dancin' (Clinton Township)
iluv2hustle.com - I Luv 2 Hustle - R&B hustle line dances, etc. (R&B/soul)
lialinedance.com - Lia's Linedance - Lia Andrus (Grand Rapids +)
linedancewithmj.com - Line Dance With MJ (Saline +)
linefusiondance.com - LineFusion - Amy Christian-Sohn (East Lansing)
myspace/ilovemywork - Christine Stewart (Brighton)
parishcountry.com - Jackie Parish, Dale Parish (Mason +)
timetodance.bravehost.com - Time To Dance (Troy)
Other places to dance in Michigan may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
countryclubdancers.com - Country Club Dancers (Kewaskum)
countryplus.org - Country Plus - John Utzig, Freida Utzig (IL-WI)
dancinbaer.com - Dancin' Baer - Denny Baer (Shirley)
monnie.tripod.com - Monnie's Country Dancing Corner - Monnie Aubry - Wisconsin dance locations
tmclegacydance.com - TMC Legacy Dance Club (Waukesha/Milwaukee)
Other places to dance in Wisconsin may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com
comestepwithus.com - Come Step With US (Twin Cities) ((R&B soul)
dancewithdeedee.com - Dance With Dee Dee (Minneapolis)
kickit.to - Kickit - one of the top linedance sites - Peter Blaskowski (MN)
lndancer.info - Twin Cities - Dodee Davis (Plymouth)
Other places to dance in Minnesota may be found at worldlinedancenewsletter.com

No web sites for linedancers yet, but there are places to line dance in Mississippi... see worldlinedancenewsletter.com 146
NOT SPECIFIC to one state:

tush-push.com - Jim Ferrazzano (the official Tush Push website)
worldlinedancenewsletter.com - World Line Dance Newsletter - Carol Craven - highly recommended international newsletter and lots of info.

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