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If you are a total beginner, start with the TEACHING VIDEO for "Boot Scootin' Boogie".

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NOTICE that once you click the start arrow of a YouTube video, there is, at the bottom right of the frame, a YouTube icon. You can click that icon to go to YouTube and view the video on a larger screen.

Boot Scootin' Boogie      Word doc
This is often called Vancouver Boogie or spelled
Bootscootin' Boogie or Bootscoot Boogie .
     "Boot Scootin' Boogie" was used to set the
Guinness World Record for the WORLD'S LARGEST LINE DANCE
in 1996,  1997,  1998,  1999,  2000; and in 2001, all in Tamworth, Australia
where they close down the main street and dancers line up for miles.

This was my first dance to reach over 1 million video views. It now has over 3 million views!
(Cowgirls Twist also has over 1 million views.)
The dancers in this video do a terrific job. And it's so nice to see the video (and dance) is so popular that the video has had
over 2,000,000 hits!
(as of Sep.2018)

Teaching Video
of Boot Scoot, with the steps taught and cued by Liz Collett.
Thanks, Liz!

Canadian Stroll      Word doc

BEGINNER "WINNER"!  This is a dance you can use in your very first class.   It's short - just 16 counts - slow, and has only one easy turn. Maybe that's why it is consistently listed among the top dances on the monthly survey of line dances taught worldwide.

The first video is a lesson in English, then one in Swedish, and the third one is French.

College Hustle      Word doc The video of College Hustle will be posted soon (Oct. or Nov.)
NOVICES LOVE THIS ONE.  Try this dance with people who have never seen line dancing before.  It's so easy and so much fun! It's also perfect for teaching outdoors on grass or indoors on carpet.

Cowgirls Twist  (a.k.a. Cowgirl Twist)     Word doc

GUARANTEED "WINNER"!!!   Cowgirls Twist is one of the world's most popular line dances according to annual instructor surveys, and a quick search on google will bring up dozens of videos of this dance.  It shows beginners right away how quickly they can master a line dance and how much fun they can have linedancing.  The song "What The Cowgirls Do" by Vince Gill gave this dance its "Cowgirls" name, but everyone has their own favorite song they use for this dance.  Try "Do You Love Me" by The Contours or "Mambo No.5".

There are many, many videos of this popular dance on YouTube, Use their search engine to find more. Here is another very good one:

Click here for another video of Cowgirls Twist

E. M. S.      Word doc

E.M.S. stands for Easy Mustang Sally.  This is a super easy dance for beginners who can rock it out to "Mustang Sally".
The first video is dark but it has cueing to help you learn it. The second one is much clearer and I love this video because 1) the dancers are really enjoying it and 2) they are in INDONESIA !!!

Everybody's Somebody's Fool      Word doc

Not at all tricky, this beginner dance is for the terrific Connie Francis hit from the 50's, "Everybody's Somebody's Fool".  You can also try it to the upbeat Cajun Country song "We're Here to Stay" by Jo-el Sonnier on the same album as the song "Polk Salad Annie" for an advanced dance of mine, My Annie.

Here is a second video of "Everybody's Somebody's Fool"

Little Ship      Word doc

This dance is designed for everyone who likes rumbas (like Enchantment, Smokey Places, etc.)  I choreographed it by request... a commission from CLDAS (Singapore) for their 5th anniversary party.  The song, off a recently discontinued CD, is otherwise unavailable, so here is a sample.  If you find you can buy it somewhere, please let me know. On the step sheet I offer other good song options.

The first video is my demo and LESSON of Little Ship. I include the second one to show the wonderful activity of Night Line Dancing that is popular in Singapore.

Little Squirt     Word doc

The original song I choreographed this quick little dance to was "Little Miss Honky Tonk", but also consider "Hey Bartender" by Johnny Lee or "C-O-U-N-T-R-Y" (Tritt) which really connects well with the footwork.  Or, for a completely different experience, choose a funky slow song.

Louisiana Kick      Word doc

Mel McDaniel's "Louisiana Saturday Night" is a great song and I tried to work the feel of the energetic song into the moves.  You will find long weaves, kicks and claps.

I like this fun group performing Louisiana Kick in this video on the right,
but they wait a little too long to start. I suggest starting the dance sooner, after only 16 counts, as in the video at left.

Mama Knows Best      Word doc
When I was working with The Borderer's song "Mama Knew Best", I came up with two dances: Mama Jazz (intermediate level)), and this beginner-level dance.  It just materialized in no time at all! Mama Knows Best features Charleston kicks in keeping with the jazzy music.  I love hearing that seniors are enjoying this active and fun dance.  It's a good linedance for dancercise.

Minute Waltz       Word doc

Minute Waltz (no relation to Chopin's music) is a beginner waltz with a flowing pattern.  I called it that because I knew my intermediate class would learn it in a minute.  It has a unique 3/4 turn near the end. I would teach this to beginners, but not until they managed a good number of other beginner dances.  It could be the first waltz line dance they learn.  It is easy to leave out the full spin.  This line dance is a very popular in Europe.  It is often used in competitions, most recently in March 2009 as a championships dance for C.B.D.

(The) Shake - or - Shake Down, Rattle & Roll)      Word doc
There are lots of videos of this dance from a lot of different regions. "The Shake" is easy but with interest and fun to the energetic song, "The Shake" by Neil McCoy. This dance has had "staying power".  Get into those shimmies and don't hold back!

Click here for ANOTHER VIDEO of "The Shake"

Sh-Boom      Word doc
Want a dance where you look like you are doing a soft-shoe routine? Then Sh-Boom is for you!
This is not an easy beginner dance, but I wanted to include it here because it is a great performance routine which advanced beginners could perform.
Here is a terrific performance of
Well done, ladies! -- except for the spelling of the title. :-)

(The) Something Easy      Word doc
I choreographed "Something Easy" because I want to introduce beginner to a full turn in an easy way. I also wanted an easy dance done to a fast song, also to challenge beginners to get them ready for intermediate dances.
The song I like is "If You Love Somebody" but choose your own favorite.

Step Back      Word doc

BEGINNER FUN!  I really enjoy the challenge of creating an easy dance that is lots of fun. For beginners, the turns are made very easy with the hitches ACROSS the knee telling dancers which way to turn. This dance works with very fast songs!
You know how you sometimes blank on how a dance starts? With this one, the name of the dance tell you how to start it!

This is a very good, clear instruction video of Step Back.

These two videos show Step Back being danced to different songs, to "Walk Right Back" and "Bad Dog, No Biscuit"

Vancouver Boogie - see Boot Scootin' Boogie (near top of this page)

For videos of my other dances, CLICK HERE

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