Bill and Bill's
2010 Cruise - PAGE 3
   Rome (port: Citavecchia)

   Cinque Terre (port: Santa Margherita, Italy)

   Marseille, France

   Barcelona, Spain

   Cadiz/Seville, Spain

   Lisbon, Portugal


*** Guernsey, UK (port: St. Peters Port)

*** Rouen (port: Le Havre, France)

*** Dover/Canterbury, UK (then London for flight home)

The last two legs of the cruise  
Rouen to London map

Eurodam Moored Off Guernsey Castle
That's our ship anchored off St. Peters Port castle.
The timing of arrival and departure is crucial because of the tides. Notice the difference between low tide and high tide:
St. Peters Port Harbour - Low Tide about 230pm St. Peters Port Harbour - High Tide about 6pm

Guernsey - Little Chapel

Little Chapel with Boden Inside

It's Guernsey... Of course I had to take a picture of Guernseys on Guernsey!
Guernsey - Cows

Guernsey - St Peter Port Church Stained Glass

St Peter Port Church Stained Glass 1
The stained glass in little St. Peters Port church was surprisingly beautiful.


Rouen - Clock Tower

Le Gros Horloge

Street view of "Le Gros Horloge" and a close-up of the clock face.

St Ouen cathedral front view
St. Ouen

St Ouen Cathedral Facade closeup

St Ouen stained glass
Rouen Street with half-timber houses
Some of Rouen's many half-timber houses.

Dover and Canterbury

Dover port
Dover Port - Notice the white cliffs of Dover in the background.

Dover Castle

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral Choir

We flew home from London's Gatwick Airport.

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