This is my "web scrapbook" of a 14-day trip to Europe in May 19 to 29, 2010 with Bill Boden. We started with 3 days in Rome prior to the 11-day Holland America cruise on the posh Eurodam.
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Bill and Bill's
2010 Cruise: Rome to England

Rome (port: Citavecchia)

Cinque Terre (port: Santa Margherita, Italy)

Marseille, France

Barcelona, Spain

Cadiz/Seville, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

Guernsey, UK (port: St. Peters Port)

Rouen (port: Le Havre, France)

Dover, UK (then London flight home)


We began our excursion with 3 days in Rome.

  Rome & Vatican City  
Rome Skyline From Above P Popolo

Rome - Four Rivers Fountain

Rome - Piazza Navona

Trevi Fountain

Colisseum Sunset

a15 Vatican - Obelisk in St Peters Square

a08 Vatican - Piazza Inside Museums.JPG

a10 Vatican - Apollo Belvedere

Vatican - The Laocoon

Vatican - Earth Goddess.JPG

On my previous trip to the Vatican, I took many more photos which I turned into a slideshow.

Vatican art slideshow.

This map I made shows the first 3 legs of our cruise.

Rome to Marseille map showing route of our cruise

Santa Margherita and Cinque Terre

Santa Margherita Ligure Waterfront
Cinque Terre map

The port of Santa Margherita Ligure was beautiful. We used our free time to take the train one hour south to Levanto which is the transfer station for the local railway that serves the Cinque Terre (translation: "5 lands"). Due to our time constraint needing to return to the ship by 5:30, we could only hike between two of the 5 towns, so we opted for the short, easy stroll on the walkway between scenic Manarola and Riomaggiore. But we also went a little north because I wanted to revisit my favorite view of Manarola which from the walkway just north of town. There is something really special about that view.

Manarola view with Boden


Riomaggiore Cliff Walk

Riomaggiore Cliff Walk.JPG
The photo at right shows Riomaggiore where we ended our walk from Manarola.
Notice on the left side, in the background, the pathway we took along the cliffs, the same path in the photos above.

Riomaggiore Cliff Walk

Enjoying the balcony of our Neptune Suite after a long day ashore. That's Portofino in the background.

Eurodam Suite Terrace with Boden in Hat



The Mediterranean port city of Marseille is France's second largest city. It is BEAUTIFUL!

Marseille - Church Overlooking City

Marseille harbour

Marseille - Church Overlooking City


Marseille - Vallon Des Auffes Bridge
Vallon Des Auffes Bridge


We had enough shore time to take a taxi to the beautiful seaside town of Cassis, a short distance from Marseille along France's southern coast indented with calanques.
Cassis - Overlooking The Town and Inlet Cassis - Harbour
Cassis - Beach Cliffs Cassis - Cliff Overlooking Valley

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