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Bill & Grant's
2008 trip to


Covered bridge in NH
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    This page covers our 11-day trip in September 2008. We flew into Boston, drove a lot, and flew back from Newark.

    We left on 9/11 !!! No worries... and no fingernails left after those flights.
    This area of the world was all new for Grant. I lived in Boston and New York City two different summers, but I haven't been back for decades. But our trip included places I have not been to before like Nantucket, Newport, Mystic and other parts of Connecticut.
    In the Boston area we stayed four days in the northern suburbs (Danvers) so it would be convenient for our two day trips north, one to coastal New Hampshire and Maine, and the second to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Day One:

Flights to Boston

Even though we left at 7am, our flights took all day. We didn't arrive at the hotel until 10:30pm.

Day Two:

Cape Ann (MA)
Portsmouth (NH)
Kennebunkport (ME)

CAPE ANN, MASSACHUSETTS        (Gloucester, Manchester, Rockport)

Eastern Point lighthouse
Cape Ann lighthouse

Fort Stage Park gazebo and historic rock
Fort Stage Park - with its gazebo and giant rock with a plaque imbedded in it commemorating the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony on this site in 1623. (This preceeded the founding of Boston which later became part of the colony.)


In New Hampshire, we found out were
NOT driving 'north toward Portsmouth'....

we were driving

It has been raining off and on, but in Portsmouth, NH the rain stopped, so we stopped and walked around the oldest area of town, Strawberry Banke.

Strawberry Banke - Oricle house


In Maine we drove along the coast as far north as Kennebunkport, where we saw the Bush compound (Bush Sr) and other large summer homes.

NE08 ME001 Bush compound Kennebunkport.jpg

For a snack we had a lobster roll on the bridge in Kennebunkport at the top rated place for them (no joke), the Clam Shack:

Clam Shack

And later we had a fantastic dinner (the best of the trip for me) of giant, juicy steamed lobsters further south in Wells, Maine at Fisherman's Catch.

Fishermans Catch (lobster restaurant)

Day Three:

The covered bridges and White Mountains of New Hampshire, and a little bit of Vermont


The weather forecast was for rain in Boston, so we took off north for New Hampshire. It poured until we got to the first stop and that was it for rain! It kept threatening to rain, but never did, and we even had some nice sunshine once in a while. For September it was very warm.

The terrain only felt 'mountainous' in a few places. Rocky Gorge was one of them.

ne08 nh003 upper falls in rocky gorge cropped.jpg
Upper Falls in Rocky Gorge

When planning the trip, we decided to collect covered bridges. Here are the first ones of the trip, and the first ones Grant ever saw. They seem to come in bunches. The 4 different bridges shown below were all quite close, two in the same town.

nne08 nh006 albany bridge
Albany bridge (active roadway), Albany-Conway area

Saco River bridge
Saco RIver bridge (active roadway) in Conway

Swift River bridge
Swift River bridge (pedestrian only) in Conway

Honeymoon Bridge in Jackson
Honeymoon Bridge (active roadway) in Jackson

White Mountains from Glen House
Glen House looking toward the higher White Mountains. Since clouds shrouded the tops of the mountains all day,
there was no point in going up to the top of Mount Washington.

Wild turkeys at roadside
A huge surprise... an 'extended family' of wild avian dinosaurs calmly walking alongside the busy road


We had time to check another cluster of 4 covered bridges before dark. We crossed the Connecticut River into Vermont (that's our 4th New England state so far on this trip) before coming back over the longest covered bridge in the USA. It's so long I had to splice two photos together. Despite that support in the middle, the bridge is still wonky looking.

Cornish Bridge composite including its signs
Crossing the wide Connecticut River, Cornish-Windsor covered bridge connects
Windsor, Vermont and Cornish, New Hampshire.
This composite photo includes all of the bridge's signs.

These are the other 3 covered bridges in and around Cornish...
NE08 NH1417 Dingleton Bridge in Cornish Mills
Dingleton Bridge in Cornish Mills

Blacksmith Shop Bridge in Cornish
Blacksmith Shop Bridge in Cornish

Blow-Me-Down Bridge
Blow-Me-Down Bridge is north of Cornish about 10 miles

middle falls under Blow-Me-Down Bridge
middle falls of the cascades under Blow-Me-Down Bridge

Day Four:



This is a walking tour of almost all the historic sites in Boston. We almost completed it, finishing up to #21:

1. Boston Common 2. Shaw Memorial 3. State House 4. Park Street Church 5. Granary Burying Ground 6. Kings Chapel 7. Kings Chapel Burying Ground 8. Old City Hall 9. Old Corner Bookstore 10. Old South Meeting House 11. Old State House 12. Faneuil Hall 13. Quincy Market 14. Union Oyster House 15. Ebenezer Hancock House 16. The Haymarket 17. Paul Revere House 18. St. Stephens Church 19. Paul Revere Mall 20. Old North Church 21. Copps Hill Burying Ground 22. U.S.S. Constitution 23. Bunker Hill Monument

It was a very nice day, but we did not take many still pictures. And the video clips taken were good but did not produce a lot of good snaps.

Map of Boston's Freedom Trail

the Freedom Trail in Boston

Old State House in Boston

Old State House in Boston


The House of Seven Gables

The House of the Seven Gables

Bill at House of the Seven Gables

Bill at House of the Seven Gables

House of the Seven Gables side house

side house in the House of the Seven Gables compound

House of the Seven Gables courtyard

House of the Seven Gables courtyard

Nathaniel Hawthorne house

Nathaniel Hawthorne house in House of the Seven Gables compound

Day Five:

Plymouth and Cape Cod (Truro and Provincetown)


The Mayflower II
The Mayflower II

Plymouth Rock
This overly large temple enshrines such a undistinguished little rock called "Plymouth Rock".
It was good for a laugh anyway; thereafter we called it "Plymouth Pebble".
Which rock did the Pilgrims first set foot on?
Dunno, but it was not here... it was in Provincetown. (Remember that. There will be quiz later.)

Plymouth Harbour
Walking around the town of Plymouth and the harbor was worthwhile. Very nice town.

Plymouth's old grist mill

After touring Plymouth, we found our hotel on Cape Cod (in Eastham) and after settling in our room, got going again just in time for watching the sunset from Truro beach. Because of the hook at the end of Cape Cod, Provincetown was west of us, so we saw the sun setting behind Provincetown.

sun setting behind P'town towers
Sun setting behind P'town towers (full zoom)

Sunset behind P'town towers
P'town sunset

Sunset from Truro beach
Sunset on Truro Beach

Southeastern New England

Day Six:


Nantucket Island is the former whaling center off the coast of Massachusetts south of Cape Cod

"Sailing" into Nantucket town via the ferry
"Sailing" into Nantucket town via the ferry

Sperm whale skeleton
Sperm whale skeleton in the whaling museum.
Hard to tell the scale here, but the head is over 10 feet long.

weathervane of ship in nantucket
Weathervane of whaling ship in Nantucket

a beautiful white house in nantucket
There are some beautiful houses in Nantucket. We toured one historic house.


Day Seven:

Newport, RI and Mystic, CN

Newport, Rhode Island was the summer getaway of New York's multimillionaires who built their over-the-top summer "cottages" here.

The Oaks street side facade
'The Oaks' street side facade

The Oaks garden facade
'The Oaks' garden facade

The Breakers water side facade
'The Breakers' water side facade

Mystic, Connecticut was a major shipbuilding center during the 19th century and height of the whaling sailing ships. There are well-preserved examples of the ships and buildings at "Mystic Seaport" which is a well-done historical preservation/re-creation of the old town and life in it.
Mystic Seaport Houses
Mystic Seaport Houses

Mystic Seaport Sailing Ships
Mystic Seaport Sailing Ships

Mystic Seaport Lighthouse
Mystic Seaport lighthouse

On The Mystic River
Boating on The Mystic River

Day Eight:


Gillette Castle is a totally unique home on a promontory overlooking the lower Connecticut River. It was the home of, and self-designed by, an actor famous in his day for playing Sherlock Holmes. It was worth seeing for just the door latches he
Gillette Castle sign
Gillette Castle sign

Gillette Castle top
Gillette Castle top

Gillette Castle garden
Gillette Castle garden

ne08 cn034 grant looking out over cn river from gillette
Grant looking out over the Connecticut River from Gillette Castle

ferry across Connecticut River near Gillette
Auto ferry across Connecticut River near Gillette Castle

West Cornwall Bridge
West Cornwall Bridge

West cornwall bridge interior detail
West Cornwall Bridge - interior detail

bulls bridge roadway - kent
Bulls Bridge roadway - Kent

mini bridge at kent falls park
mini bridge at Kent Falls park

kent falls - distance shot
Kent Falls - distance shot

kent falls 4 cascades
Kent Falls 4 cascades

kent falls 2 highest cascades
Kent Falls 2 highest cascades

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All photos are the property of Bill Bader and Grant Gadbois.