Bill & Grant's  
  New England & New York Trip 2008  

Grant and south view from Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock view south

Statue of Libery from Staten Island ferry

Ellis Island from Staten Island ferry

Prometheus statue in Rockefeller Plaza

Art Deco entrance in Rockefeller Plaza

Times Square from our pedicab

Times Square looking north

after theatre traffic from lobby of Lion King theatre

Yankees Clubhouse bar

Lower Broadway with American Express bldg and Woolworth bldg
Bill's first full-time job (a summer job) was in this area
near Wall Street in the American Express building.

American Express bldg where Bill worked

American International skyscraper

The Flatiron Building from Madison Square

Central Park fountain

Cocktail party on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
We had the pleasure of attending a cocktail party on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. What a treat!

Balloon dog sculpture on roof of Met

Grant filtered with Met art sculpture

Brooklyn Bridge with waterfall
Notice the (temporary) waterfall under the bridge.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Bill and Grant on Brooklyn Bridge


All photos are the property of Bill Bader and Grant Gadbois.