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Photos from 2001


Ember and Dee
Ember Schira and Dee Cresdee, undisputed dance fashion icons for the 21st Century.

JamBC group
Jamboree BC brought together 207 line dancers from British Columbia, Washington, and California.

Jambi, Mascot of JamBC
Bill introduced "Jambi", the new mascot of JamBC, who turned out to be quite a dancer.

JamBC Bag Dancing
The world debut of BAG DANCING. Notice that Bag Dancing eliminates the need to pretend you know what you are doing. Notice the only "lines" are in the floor.  Why did not become a huge fad?

JamBC Len and Kirsten
Kirsten and Len Person, seen here auditioning for the clean-up committee.  (They got the job.)

jambc Sue Bridget
Bridget the Boy and Susie the Dimplemeister (Bridget MacCallum and Susan Clark) showed everyone they could still be "Best Friends" even after forcing each other to dress like this. 

jambc teachers
Proving authorities wrong, this photo shows choreographers CAN remain still for 5 seconds.
Seated front:  Lisa Strong and Joe Archer who subbed for Bev Sutherland.
Standing (L to R):  Dee Cresdee hugging Grant Gadbois, Ember Schira trying to be seen next to Hutch Hutchinson, Christy Fox, Betty Clarke (choreography winner for "Saucy Steppin") and Darren Barabas.

jambc jenifer larry
Jenifer Reaume missed the choreographer's group photo, so Larry Wolf was asked to hold her in place for this photo.

jambc western spirit
Those caped crusaders, Western Spirit, continued to impress us with their smiles, cool costumes and especially their talent on the dance floor.  They even smile when they dance!

jambc western2
Western Spirit got jazzed.  All hands accounted for. 

jambc demoers
L to R:  Sara Raymond, still growing and improving as a dancer and choreographer. Michele Perron and Irene Groundwater also demoed new dances. Al Serfas helped with deejaying.

jambc coyote cowgirls
In the evening the Coyote Cowgirls (team leader/choreographer Christy Fox), presented a touching tribute to our friends and neighbors in the United States.

jambc emcees
Joe Archer, Lynda Taylor and Bill Bader were masters of ceremonies/emcees/compéres at Jamboree BC 2001.

jambc grant
Grant Gadbois, co-organizer of Jamboree BC.

jambc carmel
Carmel Hutchinson, whose dance "At The Hop" fills dance floors everywhere,
was special guest instructor and taught "No Way Pedro", another winner.

Apologies for the missing photos. Some got lost during the switch from one website to another.

Photo Credits: Cam Schira, Lisa Strong, Lori Wilson, Bob and Darlene Clark.

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