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LAKE MAGGIORE - Page 2 - West shore
(Intra, Villa Taranto, Stresa, Mottarone, Alpyland)
Intra waterfront from offshore

Two lake ships off Intra

view from Villa Taranto

Intra walkway along waterfront

Borromean Islands view from Stresa-Mottarone funivia

View of Stresa from funivia

Alpine Coaster aerial view (borrowed photo)

Bill on Alpine Coaster

Alpine Coaster - Grant selfie

We didn't video this experience ourselves, but other people did. Here are some fun videos of the Alpine coaster ride. The first one is a riot to listen to, and the 2nd has the whole funicular/coaster experience. The third video is there to show the hand brakes:

Lake Maggiore - Page 3


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