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ITALY (and Lugano, Switzerland) 2018
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  Lake Garda / Lago di Garda
  Lake Garda p.1 - Sirmione
A photogenic Medieval castle dominates Sirmione which is located on a long, narrow peninsula jutting out into Lake Garda from the south.
  Lake Garda p.2 - Western Shore
Along the western shore of Lake Garda are some of the scenic towns imaginable. Going north, the cliffs get higher and steeper.
  Lake Garda p.3 - Eastern Shore
The eestern shore has beautiful lakeside towns. In the north is Malcesine with its funivia to the top of Monte Baldo where short hikes offer fantastic views.
  Lake Maggiore / Lago di Maggiore
  Lake Maggiore p.1 - The Islands
Isola Bella, Isola Superiore (a.k.a. Isola dei Pescatori)
  Lake Maggiore p.2 - Western Shore
Intra, Villa Taranto, Stresa, Mottarone, Alpyland
  Lake Maggiore p.3 - Laveno & The Buckets
Laveno-Mombello, Funivie del Lago Maggiore, Cestovia Laveno-Poggio Sant'Elsa
  Lake Lugano (mostly in Switzerland)
  Lake Lugano p.1 - Views from Lake Boats
Lugano (city), Melide, Campione d'Italia, Brusino, Morcote, and Paradiso photos from lake boats
  Lake Lugano p.2 - from the Mountaintops
Monte San Salvatore, Funivia Brusino-Serpiano, Monte San Giorgio
  Lake Lugano p.3 - Mountaintop Panoramas
Monte San Salvatore and Monte San Giorgio
  Lake Iseo / Lago d'Iseo
  Lake Iseo
Monte Isola, Sensole,Lovere, etc.
  Lake Como / Lago di Como
  Lake Como p.1
Bellano, Varenna, Bellagio, Argegno, etc.
  Lake Como p.2
Como (city), Gera Lario, Lago di Mezzola, Chiavenna
  Lake Como p.3 - Lecco
Lecco, Funivia del Piani d'Erna
  Bergamo & Brescia
  Bergamo and Brescia
City scenes from Bergamo and Brescia
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