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Line Dance World Record
- EXPO CENTRE - MAY 1, 2002 -

Official (audited) number:      11,967
Tickets collected at the door:   13,500

 I had the great honour of appearing before over 12,000 line dancers to lead them doing my dance "Singapore Swing". It was a major thrill and I thank the organizing committee and NTUC Income for flying me there to be on hand for the new linedancing World Record. Bill On Stage at the World Record 

  Just one photo cannot capture the immensity of the event, with between 12,000 to 13,500 dancers participating.

 World Record Photo # 2 - Alec Eng Looking off in another direction, scads more dancers. We tried over-brightening this one to better see the thousands of dancers off in the background.
The floor is not sloped. It just looks that way because there are so many lines.

5 Demo Singagpore Swing

The line dancers on stage here with me are young television stars. We are demoing "Singapore Swing" for media pictures just before the official record attempt.

The Singapore line dance world record is history.
The challenge now is to get even more people interested
in the fun of line dancing.

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