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Intermediate (low-mid level)

Beginner / Low Level
Gimme That Rhythm new

VIDEO < click here to see this dance on YouTube

Description Summary
Intermediate Level, 2 Walls, 32 Counts

Choreographed to:

"Gimme That Rhythm" by The Borderers.  100 bpm.
Intro: This is a LONG intro. Ignore the drum clicks. Start counting from the words, then there are 24 slow counts (at 100 bpm). The first step is on the word "Music".

Choreographer's Notes
I was very happy to get advance notice of this song from the Borderers (I have done two previous dances to their songs - Mama Jazz and Mama Knows Best.) This song has an infectious beat and makes you want to move! The dance was introduced by Peter Heath at Tamworth, Australia in connection with the Australian Line Dance Championships in January 2012 and the same weekend it was taught at the Palm Springs Line Dance Festival by Terri Slemmons.
Music sources:

This song is on The Borderers double CD: "Tales of Love & Loss and Rise Up!" available from the Borderers' website:

For a sample of the song,  Click here
But please purchase the song from The Borderers. They deserve our support!

Click here for STEP SHEET
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WORD doc file (A4 size paper)

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College Hustle

Description Summary
Easy Beginner Level, 4 Walls,
32 Counts, no syncopations, one 1/4 turn

Choreographed to:

"Love Train" by the O'Jays.
120 bpm.   Intro: 16 counts

Choreographer's Notes
This one is for people who have never seen line dancing before. It's easy and fun; and it's perfect for teaching outdoors on grass. This is now my favorite dance to teach at conventions and private parties. There are country song options for country themed events. I particularly like it to "Oklahoma Swing", a nice slow one to teach it to.

Music sources:

"Love Train" - Hear a sample, buy the mp3, or buy the entire CD:  Click here (

Click here for STEP SHEET
If that web page does not print well for you, you can download this Word file and change the margins or font to your liking:  WORD doc file


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