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Mykonos is in the middle of the Aegean Sea, midway between Greece and Turkey.
It's a small island, even as Greek islands go, with a very jagged coastline with lots of bays and inlets.
The ocean water is beautiful and unspoiled, with colors of blues and greens, so it is famous as a sun-seekers destination.
There are less than 10,000 residents, most of whom live in the largest town, also called Mykonos.

Mykonos was the only port where we were docked for an entire day, early morning until late at night.
We were able to get a very good sampling of the scenic island.

Mykonos fishing boats viewed from our tender (transport boat from ship to shore)



Our lunch restaurant was right on the beach in the busy heart of town.

the famous windmills


This area is called "Little Venice" because the buildings here extend to water's edge.
We had dinner later at a restaurant in one of these buildings.

Bader at SuperParadise Beach
Bader at Super Paradise Beach
To get here we took a taxi and got a ride that rivaled a wild-and-crazy taxi ride we had in Istanbul.
I don't know what the rush was, but we were careening along narrow, winding, hilly lanes at break-neck speed.


Boats at Super Paradise. Look at the water!

Petros II, mascot of Mykonos.
The restaurant where we had lunch is In the background.

For the religious sailors and fishermen, there is a handy little church right at harbourside.

Harbou view from windmills
One of my favorite photos of the trip, this is the view of Mykonos town harbour from windmill hill.
Boden's new camera captured the beautiful colors in the crystal-clear waters around the island.

Mykonos houses and palms
Mykonos houses and palms

Mykonos lane with Bader

View of windmills from dinner restaurant
View of windmills from dinner restaurant

Dinner with windsurfer
While having dinner, we were entertained by kitesurfers as the sun set

Seafood platter for dinner
Seafood platter for 2..... slurp.

Purple light at dinner
Fading light.
Time to head back to the ship.


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