Lake Tahoe State Park Overlook

This "web scrapbook" collects memories of many trips over many years.
Lake Tahoe is a very large lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
on the border of Nevada and California not far from Reno.

Lake Tahoe view from Harrahs top floor
Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the USA. Due to its depth and size,
it has the largest volume of water of any U.S. lake apart from the 5 Great Lakes.

Bill on the Rocks 1995
Bill on the Rocks 1995

Burnt Cedar view of east shore
Lake Tahoe's surface is 6,200 feet (1,900 meters) above sea level, the highest large lake in the USA.
At this elevation there is about 20 percent less oxygen per breath than there is at sea level.

Lake Tahoe mirroring the sunset
This photo shows how the lake can sometimes become a mirror of sky.

Lake Tahoe sunset from Bitterbrush
Boden's condo in Bitterbrush had a terrific view from above Incline Village.
In this photo you can see from the Hyatt at extreme left, downhill to Incline Village,
and over to Crystal Bay on the right.
And across the lake to the California side.

Lake Tahoe sunset from Bitterbrush
Brilliant sunset from the condo

Lake Tahoe clear water
The lake water is pure snowmelt and crystal clear with shades of blue and green. It is possible to see scores of feet into the lake as this photo shows.

Lake Tahoe Keys Beach
View of the high Sierra Nevada ridges west of Lake Tahoe
from Tahoe Keys in South Lake Tahoe.
There are many mountain peaks in the Tahoe area that top 10,000 feet.

Diamond Peak view over Lake Tahoe
View from Diamond Peak ski run over a cloud-filled Lake Tahoe

Tahoe purple sunset
Winter sunset over northern Lake Tahoe

View from Heavenly after 2017 storm
Heavenly! - after a heavy snowstorm

Bill at Tahoe Meadows
Hiking at Tahoe Meadows. Here the elevation is 8000 ft and above.

pine cone
Ponderosa pines are the most common tree in the Lake Tahoe area.
Their pine cones are huge.

Grant at Overlook of Kings Beach
Grant at Overlook of Kings Beach

Lake Tahoe - Burnt Cedar Beach point
Burnt Cedar beach park promontory

Hyatt cabins
The beautiful grounds of the Hyatt Lake Tahoe

Bill (Capt. Morgan pose) on Hyatt dock
Bill on Hyatt Dock (in Capt. Morgan pose)

Boden at Lone Eagle
Many wonderful meals and memories here at the Lone Eagle.
This table is on their outside deck right next to the beach.

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All photos are the property of Bill Bader and Grant Gadbois.