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September-October 2002

If it were not for Belinda Smith, this trip to South Africa would not have happened. Belinda asked me to help as advisor and head judge for the competition "Battle Of The Boots 2002".
With one of the largest line dance competitor turnouts in the world this year (240 individual competitors, 24 teams, 20 choreography entries and a separate children's competition, this turned out to be a spectacular success. Thanks, Belinda!
Bill and Bee

Bill Bader and Belinda Smith, Durban, South Africa,

At the after-party of "Battle Of The Boots" and our send-off party:   Judges Grant Gadbois (left) and Vicki Bannister (right) congratulate Mandy Meyers (centre) for her choreography award for "Flickering Flame".

Pilansberg Landrover Group

Beautiful "Imbabala Lodge" way out in the middle of nothing but bush. That's me with Craig Smith, talented choreographer of one of my favourite dances, "Bellissimma". ImbabalaLodge 

Rhino Pilansberg This big guy dwarfs the cars he decided should get out of his way on HIS road.

giraffes Giraffes - quiet, friendly, tall. See if you can spot the 3-week old baby in this family photo.

Stellenbosch Winery
A winery in the beautiful Stellenbosch Valley near Cape Town.

Table Mountain and Cape Town in the background of this shot from a beach just north of the city. Charmaine Von Spronsen was our terrific hostess for the Cape portion of our trip.

Cape Lighthouse
The end of the world -- the lighthouse at the Cape Of Good Hope, southernmost point in Africa. A large pod of right whales were cavorting just below the cliffs as we looked down from the lighthouse.

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