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Ahhh...the relief when the boots come off!

Bill Bader Teaching At Silver State Festival Reno ca1998
Bill Bader Teaching At Silver State Festival Reno ca.1998

Bill Bader demoing with Paul and Karla Dornstedt
Demo-ing before teaching at Lou Ann Schemmel's class with Paul and Karla Dornstedt

Inn On The Green Line Dance Class mid 1990s
Inn On The Green line dance class (mid 1990s)

"LD Police" Grant And Bill at Cloverdale Rodeo
Grant And Bill at Mavericks team performance at Cloverdale rodeo. We were asked - seriously - if we were policemen!

Cowboy Bill

Mavericks Rusty Boots Team Spirit 95 Sheila Karen Di Di Annette Win
The winners of the team competition at 1995's Spirit of the West Line Dance Competition.
The Mavericks (a.k.a. 'Rusty Boots') members left to right: Sheila, Karen, Di, Di, Annette, Win.
(Team coach, Bill Bader, not pictured)

Doug Miranda Jackie Snyder Grant Gadbois Bill Bader Roller Coaster at CAP
Grant Gadbois, Bill Bader, Jackie and Doug Miranda on Roller Coaster at Calif. Adventure Park

Kevin Of The North dancers
Our dance group at the film shoot of the movie 'Kevin Of The North'.
My dance "Boot Scootin' Boogie" was used in the movie.

Bill in Manarola, Italy summer 2007

in Italy, 2007

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