Bill Bader's
Kinsmen Line Dance Class 1994 - 2002
Tsawwassen, BC, Canada
Instructor 1994-2002: Bill Bader
Co-instructor 2001-02: Ember Schira
Kinsmen Group Photo Oct 2002 
 The Kinsmen Class was our Monday night "home" and party central for many years for many of us.
And don't forget the monthly or bi-monthly dance socials!  

The Kinsmen Rec. Centre is a fabulous facility with a huge hardwood floor and comfy tables and chairs permanently set up around the outside...a PERFECT place for line dancing. We were so lucky to have it for so long. So many line dances were taught here! Cowgirls Twist was born here, as was 2001-The BC Coaster, Close Encounters, Home On The Range, That Old Swing, Southern Cross Cha Cha, Still The One, The Wine Dance, Singapore Swing, All My Heart, Mama Jazz, etc., etc.

And so many guest instructors! We were lucky to have some of my good buddies drop in from out of town... people like Terry Hogan and Cindy Truelove (Australia); Neil Hale, Paul and Karla Dornstedt, Mike Sliter, Michael Barr, Michele Burton, Charlotte Skeeters, and Hedy McAdams (California); Lisa Mooney (Ireland); Martha Ogasawara (Japan), Rosie Multari (New Jersey), Graham Harris (New Zealand), Judy McDonald (Ontario), Knox Rhine (Washington) and numerous others...and this is just talking about the class itself, it does not include the instructors who taught over the years at our events "Spirit of the West" and "Jamboree BC" here at the Kinsmen Centre.

I truly miss the dancers who were not just my students, but my friends and colleagues. Love you folks! Special thanks to Carol Anderson who started the class in the early 1990's and turned it over to me. I'm a lucky guy.

- Bill Bader

Bill and Ember in the DeeJay booth Bill Bader and Ember Schira
Ember was the most terrific back-up instructor, always there when we needed her and so supportive. Best of all, she is a good buddy. She is one of the most upbeat instructors you will ever see, so I'm sure she will be getting some nice invitations to teach at events. And she's an excellent deejay. Oh, and an excellent bagpipe player, etc., etc.

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