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This is Charlotte Skeeters' (in blue jeans center front) after-party of the
1996 Golden Gate Classic
There are WAAAY too many colleagues and friends here to mention, but of special note are Rick Bowen (3rd from right center in blue shirt) and Diane Montgomery (3rd from right front in black top), who were among the first line dance instructors/event organizers in California.

Jo Thompson and Bill Bader

Jo Thompson and Bill Bader (ca. 1997) Brucie, Bill Bader, Ember Schira, Judy McDonald

International Grand Champion Line Dancers Tracey Nelson and Grant Gadbois

International Grand Champion Line Dancers
Tracy Nelson and Grant Gadbois (1996)
Bill Bader and Linedancer publisher Betty Drummond of the UK

Instructors Betty Heinz, Bill Bader, Karla Dornstedt, Gloria Fay, Paul Dornstedt, Haines Fay
Betty teaches everywhere (on the road), Karla and Paul teach in Southern California and Washington state; Haines taught in Arizona and Laughlin, NV.
Bill Bader with
Doris Volz and Evelyn Khinoo (both San Francisco Bay area)
and Knox Rhine of Seattle (at that time)

Cecil and Grace Ong with Bill Bader

Kasuya and Helen Loh with Bill Bader
Cecil and Grace Ong of Singapore with Bill Kasuya and Helen Loh of Singapore with Bill

Bill Bader Al Serfas Carol Anderson

Bill Bader, Al Serfas, Carol Anderson
Vancouver, BC, Canada instructors
Neil Hale, Bill Bader, Hedy McAdams, Michael Barr

Bill Bader (The Cat) and Simon Ward

Pauline Mooney, Stephen Paterson, Su Swanson, Nigel Mooney
Bill Bader and Simon Ward of Australia New Zealanders Pauline Mooney, Stephen Paterson, Su Swanson, Nigel Mooney

Bill Bader Jan Wyllie Stephen Paterson

At Australia's MelbourneMarathon: Bill Bader, Jan Wyllie, and Stephen Paterson In Japan
with Martha Ogasawara, Hiro Suzuki and others

Al Serfas Dee Cresdee Bill Bader Lynda Taylor

Michael Vera-Lobos Noel Bradey Bill Bader
Al Serfas, Dee Cresdee, Bill Bader, Lynda Taylor Michael Vera-Lobo, Noel Bradey, Bill Bader

Bill Bader & Joanne Brady

Gloria and Russ Gunn 2007
Bill Bader and Joanne Brady Gloria Gunn and Russ Gunn, Palm Springs Line Dance Festival

LaConner 1999 TeachingStaff

LaConner Line Dance Rally
(Thousand Trails group)
Teaching Staff 1999

Top row left to right:
Glenn Smiley
Paul Dornstedt
Joanne Johnson
Bonnie King

Bottom row left to right:
Haines Fay
Karla Dornstedt
Gloria Fay
Bill Bader
Betty Heinz

Vegas Dance Explosion Staff 2005
Back row left to right: Simon Ward (Australia); Glen Pospezny, Mark Cosenza and Max Perry (USA), Judy McDonald and Bill Bader (Canada), Joanne Brady, Kathy Hunyadi and John Robinson (USA), Felicia Tan. Vincent Chia and Amy Christian (Singapore),
Jackie and Doug Miranda (USA) -- hosts of this great event!

Front row left to right: Vivienne Scott (Canada), Kelli Haugen (Norway), Maurice Rowe, Darianne and Barry Amato (USA)

Instructors - Palm Springs LD Festival 2006
Palm Springs Line Dance Festival Staff 2006
Back row left to right: Bill Bader, Bracken Ellis, JP Potter, Gloria Gunn, Russ Gunn,
Pati Fall, Carmel Hutchinson, Gene Morrill, Ernie Hutchinson, Evelyn Khinoo
Middle row left to right: Noel Castle, Toni Posner, Michael Barr, Michele Burton, Gerard Murphy
Front: John Robinson

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