Bill Bader's
Australia Tour 2004

Jan Wyllie arranged this 5-week tour in July and August 2004.
I had the pleasure of being hosted by
Di Andrews (1), the Jen family, Rosalie Mackay, Carl Sullivan,
Peter Jeffs, Peter Heath, Annie Bradbury and Jan Wyllie.
Besides the dancing there were lots of good times sightseeing as shown below.
Unfortunately, many of my indoor photos turned out too dark to post here.
The sequence of the photos below is chronological:
Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hervey Bay

G-Day photo with Jan and Annie

A warm welcome by Jan Wyllie and Annie Bradbury.


Di Andrews
showed me a wonderful time in the Gold Coast area.

Morisset Social - Circus Theme

Aussies know how to party! This social was a charity fundraising evening with a circus theme.

Back row left to right: Rosalie Mackay is the wizard, Leanne Mackenzie, Carl Sullivan, Clive Mackenzie, Robin Groot, Bill Bader (aiming for a ringmaster look).
Kristina Beeby is front centre.

Morisset - Cheryl & Gary Parker with Bill

The Cental Coast social/charity event "Under The Big Top" was hosted by Cheryl and Gary Parker in Morisset.

Bill, Rosalie at Three Sisters
(west of Sydney)

Bill and Rosalie Mackay snuggling up against the cold wind at the
Three Sisters rock formation.

Bill's Swing Outfit Rosalie and Carl
When teaching "TUMBLEWEED 2", I thought the music called for a jazzy look.
More jazz age outfits showed up at the evening social.
Here are Rosalie Mackay and Carl Sullivan in performance.

Dancers at Sydney Workshop
Dancers at the social and workshops in Sydney.

The top 2 Sydney photos are courtesy of Zen Loy. The bottom photo is courtesy of David Powell.
More photos from my Sydney workshop are found at http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/loy/

Peter Jeffs


Peter Jeffs, my host on the Mornington Peninsula for my workshop at Rosebud. This is south of Melbourne. Peter is going to be retiring in the next couple months. He has been active in the Victoria Bootscooters Association from its start.

KANGAROOS cover this hillside on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne.
This was the biggest mob I saw in my 4 trips to Oz. 60 to 80 kangaroos are seen bounding to right in this photo.

SCAN TO RIGHT FOR MORE ROOS >>>>>>>>>>>                       


Peter Heath and Liz were my hosts in Adelaide. We had two well-attended workshops, divided by level. It was a great way to please dancers at each level.
Amazing to think about..
I taught 10 dances during the Beginner workshop!

Morisset Social - Circus Theme

Hervey Bay is a pristine section of the east coast. There be WHALES here.
Two whales swam right up to our boat to get their close-ups taken!
We also saw sea turtles, dolphins and one sea cow.

Hervey Bay Marina with Annie and Jan
Relaxing at
Hervey Bay Marina
with Annie and Jan.

It was terrific to see so many instructors at my workshops. This photo includes lots of old acquaintances it was wonderful to see again.

Robyn Hehr Bill Bader Di Andrews Robyn Ward
Here's a close-up of Robyn Hehr, Bill Bader, Di Andrews, and Robyn Ward.

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